Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Josephine Baker Paper Doll Book

Josephine Baker Paper Dolls by Bruce Patrick Jones
Published in 2011 and desired by me since then, this paper doll book, The Toast of Jazz Age Paris, contains three Josephine Baker paper dolls (one on the front cover and two on the back cover), and 21 costumes designed by Jamaican paper doll artist, Bruce Patrick Jones.  The paper doll book was published by Paper Studio Press.

Six elaborate costumes for the paper doll are shown above.
Three additional costumes, two Josephine Baker faces, and a wig are included.
The back inside cover of the paper doll book includes a biography of Josephine Baker written by David Wolfe.

Two Josephine Baker paper dolls to be cut out are on the back cover of the paper doll book.
I found this paper doll book on eBay in September, placed it in my watch without bidding.  The auction ended unsold.  After it was relisted for three dollars less, I placed an early bid.  There were no other bidders.  Until recently, it was my last eBay doll or doll-related purchase of any kind.

Read about the artist, Bruce Patrick Jones, here.


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