Thursday, June 11, 2020

Maryland Society of Doll Collectors Luncheon Dolls

This is the limited edition box designed by Goldie Wilson for the limited edition dolls created for Maryland Society of Doll Collectors' 2020 Luncheon.
The Maryland Society of Doll Clubs was scheduled to have its annual luncheon on April 25, 2020. Due to COVID-19, the luncheon was initially postponed and later canceled. The luncheon dolls by Goldie Wilson, the associated literature, and favors were mailed out recently. The last of my items arrived this week, having been shipped from two different locations. This is the reveal of the fabulous handcrafted items by the extraordinarily gifted and creative, doll artist, Goldie Wilson.

The theme of the luncheon was Wonderland as in Alice in Wonderland, but this Alice is African American and the limited edition Queen of Hearts is too!

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts was produced in a limited edition of 12 dolls. She arrived in the special box, shown above, that Goldie decorated with handpainted images of Alice, the Mad Hatter, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee who are all African American, too!

This is a close-up of the hand-painted Alice on the Queen's box.

And this is the Queen of Hearts!  She is a 14-inch porcelain doll with a cloth body dressed in a Queen of Hearts theme which includes a jeweled crown and a scepter. The white bodice of her dress has multiple white hearts. The puffed sleeves are made from red and white check fabric. She has a white tulle collar.

The center fabric used for the skirt of her dress has a playing-card theme. The same white fabric used for the bodice was used for the rest of the skirt. Red tulle extends around the sides and back. The skirt has a crinoline lining. 

The Queen of Hearts wears red and pink heart-print pantaloons and black painted-on shoes.

This close-up provides a better look at the facial painting which includes a heart in the center of her lips and heavy red eyeshadow. Her stationary eyes are brown.
This is a better close-up to illustrate the jewels on her shimmering silver crown that was also made by Goldie.
The Queen's scepter is accented with a Queen of Hearts card, of course!
Attached to the inside flap of the Queen's decorative box is none other than the white rabbit, also made by Goldie.

White Rabbit
Here is a close up of White Rabbit still attached to the box flap. He holds keys in his left hand.

Below White Rabbit is written:
"Alice saw a white rabbit hurry by.
Looking at his pocket watch and
Talking to himself. Alice thought
That was very curious indeed a
Talking rabbit with a pocket watch!
So she followed him into a rabbit hole
Beneath a big tree,
And down she [felled], down to the
Center of the world, it seemed."

White Rabbit was released from the box attachment to take this photo and the next three that follow. Here he holds his pocket watch and his keys.

The front of White Rabbit's pocket watch is a clear dome. "I'm late" is written underneath the dome.

The back of his pocket watch reads "Property of W. Rabbit." (Too cute!)
White Rabbit has white looped yarn hair and a white looped yarn tail. He's dressed in a black and white check vest and a black top hat.
Black Alice!

Black Alice's decorated box is shown here with a closeup of the box illustration shown next.

This illustration of Alice was hand-drawn by Goldie.

Alice in Wonderland by Goldie Wilson

Alice in Wonderland arrived separately in her own box (shown above) which was also decorated by Goldie. Like Queen of Hearts, Alice is also a 14-inch porcelain doll with a cloth body. She wears a light blue print dress with a white pinafore, painted-on white tights, and painted-on black shoes.

Alice has a lovely face. Her eyes are also brown and stationary.

She has a beautiful wig that was also handmade by Goldie.

This is a full-length view of Alice from behind.

Did you wonder why there was extra space in the Queen's box? If you guessed it is for Alice, you are correct! The two fit perfectly in the box.
The White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, and Alice in Wonderland are shown in the decorative box. Both dolls came with felt-bottom doll stands.

As the certificate of authenticity (COA) indicates, Alice is an upgraded version made for this limited edition box. (The other Alice luncheon dolls wear the traditional solid blue Alice in Wonderland-style dress underneath a white pinafore.)
The Extras!

Shown on the top is Alice's 8 x 10 inch framed story with artwork by Goldie Wilson. Next to the framed story is the dolls' COA. On the bottom are the menu that would have been served at the luncheon had it not been canceled and the luncheon souvenir book.
This is a mixture of favors and hostess gifts and includes a black-and-cream-colored zippered pouch (a hostess gift from Chairperson Stacia Pate) an Alice in Wonderland bookmark, a set of five African American Alice in Wonderland (AIW) greeting cards by Diana E. Vining (another hostess gift), an AIW decorated box of candy, an AIW fabric-covered composition book, and black-and-white-trimmed sticky notes (Goldie sent the sticky notes to me; I am not sure if everyone received these; thank you, Goldie!). 

In this photo, is a close-up of one of the assorted AIW-themed greeting cards by Diana E. Vining. (These greeting cards were a gift to me  — thank you, again, Stacia!)
This final photo shows thumbnail images of all the greeting cards that are in this package. The Sending Love and Thank You cards feature the Queen of Hearts. Alice in Wonderland is illustrated on the Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, and Thinking of You greetings.

Everything is more amazing than the pictures can possibly portray.


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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  1. OMGGG!!!! Gorgeous! All of it. I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS!I WANT ONE!How do I join their doll club? Wow! One of my favorites!very unique and detailed...

    1. Thanks! I'll ask Goldie if the club has an associate membership and let you know. I always post information about their annual luncheons and Goldie is always the artist. This year's luncheon sold out quickly before I could post the information for those who wanted to buy the luncheon dolls. That is a testament to the demand for Goldie's dolls, which are always one-of-a-kind.


  2. Wow! The dolls are beautiful, as always.

  3. Both the Queen of Hearts and Alice are beautiful, I love that they are black dolls, makes a nice change from the usual blond Alice.
    The Queen's outfit does look good too, as is her facepaint.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Sharon, and for your kind comment.


  4. Ooohhh, so lovely, both of them, and the rabbit too! And that little watch, "property of W. Rabbit", that's an awesome detail. :) Alice's hair is also wonderful, and so are the outfits of the dolls and mister Rabbit.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda. I have to agree with your assessment. The entire package is wonderful! I feel blessed to own it.


  5. Would love to join doll club. I live in Maryland and never heard of it. THANK YOU. EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL ❤


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