Monday, June 8, 2020

Doll Gifts

Aaron wants to know what's inside this birthday gift shipment from my best doll-friend, Debra R.
The box Aaron is wondering about arrived more than a week before my birthday last month. I waited until the day of my birthday to open it to share with Aaron what was inside. Several non-doll-related items were also in the box. In this blog post, I am only sharing the doll that was inside.

I love everything that was in these beautifully-wrapped gifts from Debra R. Only one contained a doll.
Best to a Tea Barbie is the doll that Debra R. sent me. (She knows I collect African American Silkstone Barbies.)

An illustration of Best to a Tea Barbie is on the cover of the doll's box.
Based on Mattel's description, modified slightly: Designed by Robert Best for Mattel, the second of four dolls in this final Barbie Fashion Model series, Best To a Tea Barbie, is ready for high tea. She wears a cream-colored bouclé suit ensemble, a ruffled blouse, and a chic fascinator. Delicate black gloves, black tights, and stylish black booties complete her sleek look.

I took several additional pictures of this lovely doll.

She is presented in a dark pink-lined box.

This is a close-up of her lovely face and fascinator.

In addition to her cream bouclé two-piece suit, she wears a white ruffled lace blouse.

Black gloves and black opaque tights accent her fashion.

A doll stand and certificate of authenticity are included with Best to a Tea Barbie.
The week of my birthday, I received notification from the post office that a package was scheduled to arrive the day after my birthday. Based on the shipped-from city and state, I correctly guessed that package was from doll-friend, sister-in-Christ, Betty A.  Aaron didn't have to wait to find out what was inside Betty's package, which actually arrived on my birthday.

Color Me Childhood Friends book of paper dolls to color with separate pre-colored sheets of the paper dolls and a hand-crafted magnet by Diana E. Vining were in the package from Betty A.

The paper dolls inside the spiral paper doll book are blank for the user to color.  The clothes for each doll are also blank for coloring. This is paper doll A.

This is paper doll B.

This is paper doll C.

This adorable hand-crafted magnet by Diana E. Vining is captioned, "I Love Dolls!" The girl in the illustration hugs three of the doll she loves.
A surprise gift arrived shortly after my birthday. It was a just-because gift from another doll friend.

5-inch Mickey Mouse Boy Doll and Wendy Doll as Minnie Mouse
This pair of boxed 5-inch hard plastic dolls by Madame Alexander represent Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They both wear mouse ears hats and painted-on yellow clogs. Mickey has a painted-on leotard and red fabric pants that have two yellow painted on buttons at the waist. Minnie's fabric dress is red with white polka dots on the skirt.  The dress has a yellow ribbon at the neck. Minnie wears black undies and painted-on tights. Mickey's hair is sculpted. Minnie's is synthetic fibers. They both have wrist tags that indicate they were McDonald's exclusives. I am not sure where the boxed versions were originally sold.

I already had these, but mine were in baggies, purchased from McDonald's in 2004 or 2005 (the copyright year is 2004, so they were probably at McDonald's the following year).

This is the package my original Mickey Mouse Boy Doll came in. 

Given as Happy Meal premiums, the bagged dolls could also be purchased separately at some McDonald's franchises. (The original girl that I purchased is missing in action, but she is shown in this vintage picture with the original boy on the far left as evidence that she is here somewhere. I have no idea where she is hiding. I hope to find Minnie soon.)
The above photo was taken a few years ago after the same friend who sent Mickey and Minnie Mouse gave me the Madame Alexander display stand on which the 5-inch Madame Alexander McDonald's-exclusive dolls stand.

My original Mickey Mouse Boy doll is shown in this final photo with the boxed dolls. (As soon as I find the original Minnie, she will join these three.)
Thank you again, Debra R., Betty A, and the friend who gave me Mickey, Minnie, and the display stand.🥰 (Doll collectors give the best gifts!)

Of course, since my birthday, I have gifted myself with several dolls, too. Posts about those purchases will follow later.


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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  1. Belated Happy birthday! Your friends all gave beautiful presents! Silkstone Barbie is a beauty, and the two Mickey Mouse dollies are so cute. Aaron is also a stunningly beautiful doll, he looks like a real little boy. XXX (= birthday kisses)

    1. Hi Linda!

      Thank you so much for the belated happy birthday wish, birthday kisses🥰, and compliments on the gifts and Aaron. I am still celebrating.☺️


  2. Happy Belated Birthday! What wonderful gifts. I had to blow up the photo of Aaron to see if he was a little boy or a.....doll!!! Those dolls with the Mickey Mouse ears are too adorable!!! Big hugs.

    1. Thank you, April.

      Yes, Aaron is a doll, a big boy at some 39 inches tall. He's wearing clothing that my now 18-year-old grandson wore when he was 2 or 3.


  3. Belated happy birthday! What lovely dolly gifts to receive from your friends. My birthday is this week but no dolly gifts are in the pipeline as far as I know! :D
    By the way, I thought that was a real little boy in the first photo!! He really is a very realistic young man!

    1. Hello Sharon!
      Thank you for the belated happy birthday wish. Happy birthday to you. I hope there are some dolly gifts on the horizon for you.

      Aaron says, "Thank you, Ms. Sharon." :-)


  4. That Best to a Tea Barbie is smoking!
    Otherwise, i have been thinking of you lately, as I shop for Black play dolls, of the American Girl but more affordable and a little less bland variety .... and there is so little, although there are more offerings than there used to be perhaps?
    Do you know where online there might be discussions or illustrations of the complicated world of doll hair, and doll collectors, and children who actually play with the dolls? I think of the current Black doll Zoe, whose hair is meant to be washed and played with ... versus the earlier limited American Girl Cecile, whose hair, in ringlets, was meant to be handled only delicately. What fun is that?

  5. Hi Lizziewriter,

    I do not know of any places online that specifically discuss the complicated world of doll hair, but there are several Facebook doll groups dedicated to American Girl dolls. There are probably other groups that discuss other 18-inch dolls. If you have a Facebook account, enter a specific doll type or a doll's name in the search box to see if any dedicated groups result.

    I recently received a copy of New Moon Girls, a publication for preteen and teen-aged girls. There is an article in the summer 2020 issue about girls and doll play. My next post will be about this issue. I hope you'll stick around to read it.

    Take care (and thanks for thinking about me)!



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