Thursday, December 17, 2009

True Type AA Male Figure's Photo Shoot

My preordered, in August, Hot Toys' TrueType AA Male Slim Version (a Terrence Howard look-alike) arrived earlier this week. He's been nude until this a.m. when I decided to "go green" (keep my green in my pocket) and use clothing that I have on hand for him.

A Ken fashion (Toys R Us) and shoes purchased from Old Joe Infirmary were selected. Everything fits, but I am just not feeling the graphics on the shirt -- flowers and squiggly designs. Flowers, Ken... come on now?  This confirms that I should purchase a second Rocawear Darren.  The Rocawear male fashion alone is worth TRU's former price of $12.99. (The price has inched up to $14.99 now, but it's out of stock online).  Oh well, you know what they say about hindsight.

TrueType wearing a Ken fashion and black sneakers from OJI

Next, I placed a white T-shirt over the Ken shirt to test this look. It's okay... but a bit bulky.

White T over the Ken shirt

My thinking was the T-shirt alone with the blue cords may not work either, because of the short length of the T. I tried it anyway.

TrueType with white T-shirt and blue corduroy pants

Hmmm... not so bad.  Which look do you prefer?

dbg ◦


  1. He's cute, Debbie! I prefer the white tee shirt with the jeans.

    The floral shirt with the plaid sleeves doesn't work for this guy. That top is the kind my action figures would run from LOL.

  2. D7ana - I agree with your assessment.

    I don't blame your action figures for running from that plaid/floral layered look!


  3. Can he just wear the plaid shirt alone (no layered look) for now? I actually like the first look on him the best....if it just didn't have the girly type of graphics. He is just too much of a manly man for that.

  4. Unfortunately, the plaid shirt is not a "stand alone." The knit portion is sewn to the plaid sleeves, collar, and shirttail, which caused the dilemma. I put the white T over the plaid/knit layered shirt to cover up the graphics. I was thinking about buying fabric paint to paint over the graphics. For now, he wears the last outfit: white T-shirt, blue cords, and black shoes. Thanks for the comment.

  5. It is harder to find really slick clothes for action figures and Ken size dolls. He a hottie so he needs something slick but the white tee works too! I am going to have to get myself one of these action figures. My dolls are missing out on not having him.

  6. Yes, it is very difficult to find masculine-looking clothing made for Ken. I did manage to purchase two Ken outfits yesterday that may work for Mr. TrueType. I'll share images soon.


  7. Can you take a magic marker and "dye" the plaid shirt?? LOL


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