Saturday, December 12, 2009

Complexion Comparison

I promised to share photos of Barbie Basics Model 004 and Model of the Moment Nichelle with Cyano Dolls and Re-Roots, who wanted to know if their skin tones are the same.   I also included Princess of South Africa (redressed) in the comparison images below. 

Model of the Moment Nichelle, Barbie Basics Model 004, Princess of South Africa (Americanized)

(click images to enlarge)

I think their complexions are the same.  What do you think? ◦


  1. After viewing the enlarged pictures, I believe their complexions are the same but the makeup is different. The difference in makeup colors and tones could give the illusion that the complexions are slightly different.

    They are all very beautiful!

  2. What a beatiful trio! The tone looks the same to me. I just got my Nichelle and shes holding me down till #004 comes home :) Also got an extra to re-root
    Thanks for the pictures!

  3. They look similar to me. I really can't tell because their clothes are different colors. I wonder if Mbili is the same color. For me the color of the clothes interferes with the skin color.

    I am wondering about their hair - particularly the short styles. A short afro of rooted hair never looks quite right to me - to me, afro rooted hair looks like a bad curl. I think flocked hair looks better for short styles.

  4. Thanks, Debbie! I love comparison shots.

    Princess of South Africa and Nichelle wear bright colors that seem to lighten their complexion. Model 004 in contrast wears black which color doesn't light up her face. (Not to say that she doesn't look grrreaaat in that LBD :-D)

  5. My Princess of Africa and Nichelle share the one body :D I've modified a neck knob so now I can pop them on and off easily

    I do however have a headless Shani body (ex-Princess of South Africa)... I believe Mbili is the same shade as these dolls too. And I am way too scared to ever pull her head off!

  6. 2 down and one to look for before life is over! I have the Nichelle and BB doll, now all I need is Princess of South Africa and life for we will be great!

    I agree with D7ana, the light colors do bring out the Beauty of Nichelle and South Africa Princess but BB doll is still lovely!

  7. I too believe that the color these dolls are the same. What they wear changes how they look. Nichelle because of her makeup looks better in silver, light blue, and white. (cool colors) Princess of South Africa because of her makeup look better in gold, yellow and cream.( warm colors) They all look better in white or cream. Their makeup seems to give them their undertone. Undertone for dressing and makeup on black people is the difference between looking radiant and ashy. Dark backgrounds and black dresses don’t do these dolls justice. I have had to work to get the lighting right when I photo these dolls too. I have been a fan of Essence magazine all my life. No one does a better job of makeup, lighting and photograph on black people and especially those of darker complexions than they do. The lighting is the key! The photography is Ebony and Jet don’t even compare. I have seen AA new casters in person and they look so different in person. It is hard at a TV station to light everyone correctly. AA new casters are normally lighter in person.

    Back to the Dolls--I will switch head to see what they look like on a different body. I not sure what to do with the makeup on BB #004. I do agree about the flock hair. I like the afro on DOTW Kenya Barbie.

  8. I love DOTW Kenya's flocked hair, too. I may try photographing the Basics after the holidays using a different background or perhaps put them in my photo box and use a white background. I usually use a black background when I'm not using the photo box, because the black eliminates shadows. When the doll's complexion is very dark, like Basic 004's, you do lose detail. There again, I photographed the dolls in their boxes without the camera's flash to eliminate the reflection of the flash that the cellophane would have produced... so the pictures may not illustrate true colors. I'll rephotograph them after they are deboxed.


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