Sunday, January 29, 2012

Essential Lizette Dionne -- First Opinion

Wilde Imagination Lizette Dionne, friend of Ellowyne Wilde, upon arrival (click any image to enlarge).

Lizette Dionne arrived this past Friday.  I opened her box Saturday evening.  I am delighted by her beauty.  She reminds me of a smaller version of Tonner's AA Basic Model.

Lizette is 16-inches tall and has brown painted eyes.   Her articulated areas are underneath her breasts, elbows, wrists, and knees.   She is bald with two Velcro dots that adhere to the lining of her wigs.  She came with a story card poem that reads:

Meeting new friends is always a bit scary
I tend to hang back -- I'm just a little wary; 
But some of the drama -- I'm starting to doubt...
LIZETTE -- and just a
little WIGGED OUT!

Lizette's ears were already pierced, but she did not come with earrings. Before noticing the pearl buttons on her white eyelet camisole, I thought pearls would enhance her appeal. She temporarily borrowed a pair of pearl earrings my children gave me for Mother's Day several years ago.  These were later exchanged for blue studs. 

Lovely doll, but reality certainly sets in after dolls ordered based on their prototype images arrive. Before I removed the black wig from the plastic, I fell in love with Lizette's short brown, boy-cut wig. Before she arrived, I just knew I'd love her black natural-textured wig better.     

Extra black crimped wig

Lizette's first fashion

Lizette is about the same size as Goodreau's Mirror (Cocoa). She tried on a fashion that I purchased for Cocoa last year from the Etsy store, Squarepeg78's Studio. It fits her well... but I knew it would because it was designed to fit Ellowyne or Mirror.    

Next, she tried on a Teen Trends denim fashion. The top and pants fit, but her high-heel feet do not fit Teen Trends shoes. 

As shown in the first image, Lizette arrived wearing her short brown, boy-cut wig.  An extra black crimped wig (the reason I purchased this version) is an unfortunate disappointment.  I had imagined it would be the same texture and have the same curl pattern as the AA American Model or perhaps spiral curls like Libbie's.  Instead, it is coarse, crimped hair that sheds! 

Brushed out crimped wig, dressed in Teen Trends denim fashion

Not a fan of crimped hair, I decided to brush the black wig to give it a more natural appearance.  Bad move.  Brushing made it poofy.  I like coarse, natural hair, but I can live indefinitely without crimped hair.  Crimped hair is too contrived.  Other than my disappointment with the black wig, a tiny scratch on the bridge of  her nose, and right arm that is removable (that I am not sure is made this way or flawed), I do like Lizette... a lot.

Because I am at odds with her extra wig, I decided to see if Cocoa's wigs fit Lizette.  They do!  I took several pictures, one of which is below -- the others can be viewed in a slideshow along with all images taken of Lizette Dionne thus far. 

Lizette wears long black mohair wig (not a Wilde Imagination product) -- view additional wigs in slideshow below.

Which wig or wigs do you like?  Any suggestions on how I might tame the black crimped wig are welcome.




  1. She is so pretty! I want one (in my kid voice). Lol! Love your pics!

  2. I am liking all of the looks you've found by chaning out Lizette's wigs. She's truly gorgeous. I saw another buyer's Lizette with the crimped wig NOT brushed out and didn't like that look at all. She looks a little wild crimped, but there is still something appealing about it. Shame to hear that it sheds though. Thanks SO much for sharing Lizette, she's on my wish now for sure now.

  3. She is very pretty! I did not have a list before, however she is the list now lol! I want one too. I love the short hair best. Crimped hair is just such a disaster especially if it's a doll lol. No clue as to fixing it sorry:(
    Enjoy Lizette :)

  4. Love Lizette! Good thing I don't buy dolls that size any more. Is the short wig able to be combed in a different style? From afar the crimped wig looks nice. Too bad about the shedding. I loved all the wigs I saw in the show. I got more excited anticipating what would be next. Now I need a Stardoll fix! Darn you.

  5. Georgia Girl, Mary, Chynadoll -- Thanks. She does have a pretty face. I hope those who desire her are able to get her even with the flawed (in my opinion) wig.

    Vanessa - The short wig is stiffened, so the style is pretty much what you see. It can be fluffed up a little, but not much. Lizette will probably be the last doll I buy of this size for a long time.

    Go and get your Stardoll fix on.


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  7. I think Lizette has one of those faces that look better with short hair. I like the boy cut wig the best but she looks great in many of the other wigs as well -- just not the long red one or the crimped one. Thanks for all the lovely pictures.

  8. Thanks, Limbe Dolls. She will not be wearing the red wig any time soon. Plans have been executed for the crimped wig.


  9. I can see why you love her, she is very pretty! Although both wigs look good on her, I prefer the short one. It really lights up her face. Sorry to hear the crimp wig sheds.

  10. How weird...are THESE supposed to be black dolls?

    Then why, for God's sake do they all have hazel eyes? Almost NO real black girl has these eyes, which is that of white girls. My eyes, I am proud of, are NOT hazel, they are NOT brown either, no, I am not Europan. Like 99.99% of Black people, I have dark, black eyes.

    Whitewashing, once again, and no one complains...when WE are told that being black skinned, black-eyed isn't 'pretty enough'!!! :-(

    Lord, this time, I have to say "no!" I once bought such dolls for my daughters, and one openly asked why the dolls' eyes were NEVER the right color, the same as herself and ALL of her dark-skinned friend. I really couldn't answer.

    So everyone, please, before saying "how cute", think of what terrible message they are sending: "darker skin than usual on a doll; ok...but still, they must abide by some other stupid racist fashion criteria: black eyes and black hair are banned".

    Here is what the media tell us everyday, and I am so disappointed that so few people realize..

    Ann, a Black beauty from France who opposes silly, racist whitewashing.

  11. Thanks, Brini. I agree with your selection of the short brown wig.

    Anonymous -- thanks for expressing your opinion regarding Lizette's eye color. I had not even noticed the "hazel" as you refer to it, color, until I read your post.

    In my opinion, most shades of brown work well on dark-skinned dolls because dark skinned people DO have various shades of brown eyes. Yes, the majority have dark brown eyes, but there are those with lighter brown eyes, too.

    Complexion-wise, the exclusion of darker brown-skinned mass-produced dolls is on the rise in doll world. I think this is an attempt by manufacturers and artists to crossover to those who may not normally buy black dolls. The complexions have gotten increasingly paler in both the playline as well as the artist-doll line in an attempt to capture a wider variety of ethnic groups (African American, Hispanic, biracial, etc.).

    In play-doll world, is this sending a message to darker skinned children that their complexion is not as good or not as pretty as the lighter shades? Yes, it probably is. But for a doll like this, manufactured for the adult collector where 9 times out of 10, a parent is not going to spend $100+ on a doll for a child, the eye color and complexion does not pose a great threat of psychological damage for an impressionable young girl.

    It's great that you are selective in your doll choices for your daughters.

    Thanks again for your comment.


  12. I must say I have run into my fair share of Black people that had "real" light colored eyes. My dad's eye would change with the season. So they were hazel, green, and brown. I dated a Black guy who naturally had two different colored eyes. As a people we have been blessed to naturally enjoy more than just dark brown eyes. So I am fine with a doll having different colored eyes. It would give parents an opportunity to teach their sons and daughters more about the diversity of our people.

  13. @Black Doll Enthusiast:

    Thanks for your post. Indeed, these dolls are not for children, but I still cannot accept the message they bear. The ideal of beauty they show doesn't match reality.

    One point: unlike what you said, not many black people have eyes of another color than black. In my mother's country, all people have the same darker than night eyes color, the shades you are talking about are very scarce. Even when I went to Brazil, I thought there would be more, but I almost saw only lenses user, and very few pale eyes on non-white people.

    What is more, I used to live in a mixed country, but very, very few had hazel or green eyes. Genes make these colors so unlikely for us. Even in my previous boyfriend's family (black and mixed people), all had inherited black eyes and hair, even those whose complexion was fairer and sometimes rather pale for "Black" people.

    So yes, such people exist, but they are a tiny why should they become the whitewashed beauty reference for the many colored people who are not like them? Sorry but I feel so sad to see that.

    What I said about my girls really happened, and this was the beginning of awareness.

    I totally believe what you say about your family, but you are a very scarce case, you know.
    Blacks around me are not like these, althought many often vainly claim they have "brown eyes" (which is a lie, they are as black as mine) only because it sounds better and "more white-like. even for thei hair "dark brown" not to say "black". Is this word a taboo? :(

    Anyway, if you thinks dolls should represent the peoples of the world (so do I!), don't you find it surprising that the manufacturers choose only to represent a very small part of these populations, and the "less-colored" one?
    The dolls I give my daughters are like real people, I try to avoid those who, claiming to be colored dolls, are whitewashed as much as can be.

    Because they are the opposite of what they claim to be: they claim to represent everyone, but in fact, they reject 99,9% of the population they claim to be like.

    Sorry if I sound directive, I merely would like people to understand what is at stakes here: our definition of beauty, in a world which care so much for it. I cannot let anyone tell that beauty is close to European standards, which simply cannot apply to the other peoples of this world.


  14. Ann -- my definition of beauty is far from standards set by others. I set my own standards in every aspect of life. What I see as beauty in the dolls I collect are those that reflect the entire color spectrum of black people -- we come in all colors, sizes, shapes, hair textures, broadness or not of facial features, and I find it all beautiful. So because I may purchase a spice-colored black doll with "hazel" eyes, does not mean that this is my ONLY definition of beauty. I am open-minded enough to embrace it all.

    I get your point, but you must understand that not all people define European features as the only definition of beauty. I certainly don't because I love the me that God made... naturally curly/kinky hair, dark brown eyes, brown complexion, formerly tall and lanky height to now tall and curvaceous.

    Trust me: I am the first person who will proclaim from the mountaintop: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING BLACK!


  15. Hi. About the post about Lizette's eyes: I am black and I think Lizette is fine just as she is. I’m waiting for arrival of Essential Lizette and Pretty Little Lizette (who looks a lot like my adorable 11-year old granddaughter, except for the red hair.) Hurry up, UPS!

    I have medium length black curly/kinky hair and darker skin. I am very confident in who I am and how I fit into this universe, and we raised our kids the same. Very little bothers me like the color of a doll’s eyes. Lizette is a doll and thankfully we have a choice of 3 variants. How neat is that! Decisions, decisions. LOL

    With that said, I find hazel eyes on most dolls not that attractive - especially on the cheaper “Made in China” kind of porcelain black dolls that are mass-produced. I do think Lizette would look great with darker eyes (and I may darken them with a little acrylic paint,) but it’s no big deal. As a former oil painter, I say very few people have totally black eyes. The pupils, yes, but not the outer iris part. (Little Orphan Annie, anyone?) Lots and lots of Black people don’t have totally black eyes, and those I know wouldn’t lie about something so insignificant?

    Mattel made one of their 12 “Barbie-Basic Collection” dolls almost totally black, and I bought 2 of them. Robert Tonner came out with the beautiful Sterling Kagiso, very dark skinned – I re-dressed her in maroon brocade – stunning. Her long flowing black hair is a little unrealistic, but, gee, she’s a doll, not real.. I believe Fashion Royalty also has had a very dark skinned doll(s), too? Most white people don’t have blue eyes and look like Barbie, and so what? I also buy White dolls, too. If I love the outfit, I may buy the doll. I refuse to restrict my life and hobbies by other people’s standards of what I should or should not buy or like. I’m into the whole thing for fun!! Life’s too short.
    Doll-Lover Lady

  16. Very beautifully written, Doll-Lover Lady.


  17. Have you tried braiding her crimped wig?

  18. I twisted Lizette's crimp wig instead of braiding it (less time consuming). See the results here. Thanks for the suggestion!



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