Thursday, April 7, 2011

Studs and Silver - Totally Non-Doll Related

The following stud earrings with simulated stones, set in sterling silver are DarcusTori's current "free" offerings:

$0.00 after Instant Savings ( coupon code 0801 )  -- you will have to pay shipping.

3 Fabulous Spring and Easter Colors

Round Pink Carnation Diamond Stud Earrings
Follow this link: Round Pink Carnation Diamond Earrings
Limit Three (3)


Round Lilac Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver
Follow this link: Round Lilac Stud Earrings

Limit Three (3)


Heart Shaped Amethyst Earrings
Follow this link: Heart Shaped Amethyst Earrings

Limit Three (3)


During their last free offer, I ordered three pairs of yellow citrine square stud earrings.  Shipping was $17, but I don't think I could have purchased three pairs of earrings of the same quality for $17 that would please me as much as these.  They will be gifts because I do not wear studs or silver; but if you do, you might want to take advantage of DarcusTori's current offer and sign up for their monthly newsletter for future free jewelry offerings.  Don't forget to use the code at checkout:   0801




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