Friday, April 22, 2011

Once Upon a Child

"Once Upon a Child" paper doll by Diana E. Vining is also available in light skin tone.

Paper doll artist, Diana E. Vining has utilized her artistic skills to create a paper doll depicting the various stages of gestation.  The paper doll includes an expectant mother with outfits illustrating baby's development during the first, second, and third trimesters of pregnancy.  Each stage includes a few milestones/facts about the baby during the pregnancy.

According to Diana and her website,
This is a special piece because the proceeds from this paper doll will benefit the Option Ultrasound Program, which provides ultrasound machines to Pregnancy Clinics / Resource Centers across the country. PLUS the first 30 purchases of "Once Upon A Child" paper dolls will include a FREE GIFT!
The paper doll is only $5, just in time for Mother's Day, and will make a perfect gift for an expectant mother or paper doll enthusiast.
I've always wanted to use my artwork to do some good in the world... and this is the idea I came up with! -- Diana E. Vining
For more information or to purchase, visit Diana's paper doll shoppe.


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