Sunday, April 17, 2011

Show and Tell -- Clyde and Claudia

Clyde and Claudia

These two dolls arrived yesterday.  I won them in an eBay auction last week.  Based on their actual, in-person appearance, they were adequately described by their Scott City, Kansas seller as follows:

Pair Black Cloth & Composition Flour Sack Dolls

This is a pair of newer cloth dolls with composition, resin or some type of hard molded or carved material. I would guess that these are from the 1980's, but that is really just a guess. The only tag on them is a tag that is pinned to one of the sleeves - it reads "Country Cupboard - $30.00". Great condition. They measure approximately 11 inches tall. Flour sack type print clothing overalls and dress. Their shirts have country breakfast type print - "pure sweet butter", "country sausage", etc. Makes me think they might have been made for a restaurant or something.
This morning, after entering their information on my Excel worksheet, I thought, "They need names."  I showed them to my husband and asked him to do the honors.  After a couple of seconds he said, "Clyde and Claudia."  So that's what I've named them.

Using the information from the tag that is pinned to Clyde's shirt, I Googled, "Country Cupboard" and located the Country Cupboard restaurant in Lewisburg, PA. According to their website, Country Cupboard, Inc. includes the restaurant and several retail shops.  One of the shops is Country Home and Interiors, where home decor and collectibles are sold.  Clyde and Claudia may have been sold in this shop or perhaps used as decor in the restaurant, like the seller suggested. 

Clyde and Claudia close up, seated on my not-at-all-country kitchen windowsill

Even if Country Cupboard, Inc., is not their origin, I do know these delightful one-of-a-kind character dolls, a brother and sister pair, arrived to Texas by way of Scott City, KS.  I also know I am glad I set my alarm to wake up post my bedtime to place my last seconds' bid to win this unique pair for $13.50 + shipping. 




  1. I absolutely love these two cuties and their country clothing enhances their appeal even more. Congrats on your win!

  2. Congrats. That was a real steal! They are adorable and your husband did a great job with the names.

  3. Vanessa, Hugs - Thanks... I love them, too.



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