Monday, October 17, 2011

Lovely Bride Celebrates Barbie's Black Friends

In 2009, Generations of Dreams Barbie entered the market as a tribute to 50 years of  Barbie's existence.  I purchased the deeply discounted black version during's Dream Sale or whatever it was called that year.  Black Barbie's headshot is on the skirt of the dress, in the back.  I longed for a dress that pays homage to the first generation of dark-skinned friends of Barbie.

Tired of waiting for what would never become a manufactured reality, I made one version in July 2009, which Asha writes about in The Doll Blogs:  When Dolls Speak I Listen. Using a simple party dress and scanned images from Live Action Christie's booklet (1970), these were printed on T-shirt transfer paper and ironed onto the skirt of the party dress.  Adding images of Live Action Christie, Talking Brad, Talking Christie, Talking Julia, Twist Julia, and Twist Christie was a decent attempt at achieving the desired effect.  However, the knee-length party style dress was not exactly the dress style I wanted.  Soon after, I purchased a full-length bridal gown for Barbie (Asst. N8328 N7494) with plans to transfer the dolls' images onto it.

Ironing is not one of my favorite things to do.  So I needed an alternate method of applying the dolls' images onto the dress.  Avery's Clear Easy Peel Address Labels #18660 was the chosen alternative.  Finally (some two years later), I printed the images onto a label sheet and applied these to the gown. It did not take long for me to decide which doll would be perfect for the newly fashioned gown.

After scanning the doll room, I chose Princess of South Africa (POSA), who had already been redressed in a Barbie Fashion Avenue outfit some time ago. Her short curly hair and ebony complexion are perfect complements to the white bridal gown with or without the veil and bouquet.

With veil and bouquet

Without veil

Side panel

View from the other side

View from the back

POSA wants to know, "How do I look?"


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I had not see the doll or the dress before. I do like it on the POSA doll.

  2. Thanks, Ms. Leo. I created the dress using the Barbie wedding gown that was in stores in 2009. POSA was chosen to wear it after I added the images because of her ebony complexion. Another doll will be wearing it soon, however. Stay tuned.


  3. Very impressive, unique dress, DBG!

  4. Very nice and creative! I love it!

  5. Wow! That is impressive. The dress is beautiful.

  6. llove it i want one......


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