Friday, October 14, 2011

October's Second Doll Purchase

Madame Alexander's Petite Playhouse Kaiya a 5-inch, all-vinyl cutie

I had not made plans to purchase a doll this week... none whatsoever. I am downsizing, attempting to decrease the collection, not add to it. But when a fellow collector shares a link to a charming doll, I often succumb and fall prey to temptation, even when in the midst of downsizing. Yes, it happens, and that is how Kaiya arrived.

In 2002, the year Kaiya entered the market (box/copyright date 2001), I was focused on artist dolls, certainly not on play line dolls.  This is how I overlooked Kaiya's presence 9 years ago.   But she finally made it and I am glad she did.

Ty Li'l Ones Sweet Sydney and Marvelous Mariah are glad Kaiya arrived, too. They are perfect playmates!

There are four other dolls in the Petite Playhouse collection by Madame Alexander:  Wendy, Sarah, Emily, and Caitlin.  Fashions and accessories were sold separately.  Look at this back to school outfit and mini soft furniture set.  What are playhouse dolls without their very own playhouse?   All are too cute, but can be admired from afar by me.

After photographing my second October doll purchase, I entered Kaiya's information on my Excel doll inventory worksheet (click to enlarge):

With the exception of one additional doll that has caught my eye, I have no plans to purchase other dolls between now and October 31st.  My focus remains on downsizing.

Attempting to remain focused and strong,


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  1. She is a cutie! good luck on the downsizing LOL

  2. Thanks for the good luck wish, Chynadoll; I need it!


  3. Debbie, are Sydney and Mariah exactly alike?

    1. Yes, except for the clothing, Sydney and Mariah are alike.



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