Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doll Saves Family From Fire

Baby Think It Over* Girl and Boy

A doll like the ones pictured above recently saved a family from fire. Read the amazing full story and watch the video here.

*My first generation Baby Think It Over infant simulator computerized dolls were formerly used in schools as teaching aids to allow teens to experience the demands of caring for a newborn baby.  My pair are now retired -- can no longer be programmed to function like a real baby.  Similar dolls are now manufactured under the name RealCare Baby by Realityworks.


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  1. Amazing story! I couldn't believing that the young girl thought to get the carriage, too. Your dolls are beautiful. I'm expected a misdirected spray any second now. LOL.

  2. Baby needed her carrier, too... after all, she/he saved their lives.

    LOL about the misdirected spray. I used the photograph I took when the dolls arrived. They are dressed in infant's clothing and diapers now.

    I considered using my photo editor to blot out his private area, but thought what the heck... he's a doll; the readers need to know they are anatomically correct. And I see you do.


  3. Amazing story! Thanks for sharing.


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