Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PO Box Surprise from an Angel

Debbie, a gorgeous Chynadoll Creation

Yesterday's visit to the post office to check the contents of my PO box was met with a very pleasant doll surprise from a beautiful angel. 

A few weeks ago, the doll that I discovered in my PO Box yesterday, was sent to the Chynadoll Salon as a gift, but in a wild-haired, loose-jointed, nude state.  Once there, I knew she would receive the necessary pampering to restore her beauty.  I had no idea, however, that she would find her way back to me! 

After the makeover, Chynadoll unveiled before-and-after salon treatment images here.   Honored to have this now gorgeous doll named after me, I shared Chynadoll's link with fellow doll enthusiasts.  Like me, they were amazed at the magic Chynadoll worked.  I commented to these enthusiasts, "I almost want the doll back."  I had no idea I was writing that desire into existence.

Debbie close-up

Thank you Chynadoll for: 1) being such a creative angel; 2) working your makeover magic on the doll that was originally a hopeless basket case;  3) for making her my namesake; and 4) for your generous gesture of returning her to me.

Doll friends are truly the best!


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  1. You are more than welcome. I was more than happy to send her back where she belongs.

  2. Yes, Limbe Dolls, the custome jewelry is nice. Her dress is too. Actually everything about her is nice.


  3. Gorgeous doll! Words are powerful. That was very nice of Chynadoll to send back to you. You were an angel for gifting her with a doll and she is an angel for regifting her back to you.

    I agree doll friends ARE the best!!

  4. I love that color palette! She is beautiful. So glad she found her way back home to you.


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