Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lars's Last Sold Out!

Mackenzie Fenella Layla Barbie Mattel stock photo
Based on the mismatch of the fashion, this is the last doll I would have predicted to sell out in three months' time.  My discovery that the doll was only inspired by Byron Lars and actually designed by Mattel designer Ann Driskill helped formulate this opinion and my refusal to pay retail for Mackenzie Fenella Layla Barbie (MFLB).

I incorrectly assumed, if I truly decided to purchase MFLB that it would be easy to do this at a reduced price, in combination with the use of a Barbie Fan Club reward (which is usually a $20 discount).

A reduced-price purchase will not be happening for me because MFLB is now listed at as "Currently Not Available From Mattel." 

I suppose collectors who own the doll found her fashion more interesting (translation = appealing) than I ever could or will.  Or perhaps the fact that she is supposed to be Lars's last Barbie, influenced their purchase.

The doll's fashion continues to have a vertiginous effect on me, but tam's off to those who were able to purchase MFLB.




  1. I have 8 of his dolls and yet this one did nothing for me lol. I was not knocked out by the outfit at all. I saw it somewhere being sold for like $400. I was saying to my self, who ever buys it at that price must be on dope or dog food LOLl but hey, To each his own right :)

  2. LOL! Absolutely, to each his own. I'm sure the prices will be astronomical on eBay (if not already; I haven't checked).


  3. I actually like this doll and her outfit. I haven't bought a Byron Lars doll since they first came out. I just read part of his biography, and this outfit seems like something that was right up his alley. Maybe since this was going to be the last one, he decided to "do him". The quote below is from
    "The designer based his designs on menswear, and styled his fall collection in an outdoors theme. He cut red and black buffalo plaid into fit-and-flare jacket dresses, complete with a duck-decoy handbag." I liked this doll over a number of the others in the past few years (i.e. everything in the Chapeaux collection).

    I imagine that a number of the dolls in his collection were inspired by him and not actually designed by him. He was a designer for Mattel from 1997 to 2000/1. Then he started up his new business. I'm sure he still probably designed for Mattel after that, but I wonder for how long.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the information on Lars, Vanessa.

    Another Lars doll that was just too far out for me was Tano, the doll with the birdcage and bird on her head.



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