Friday, November 18, 2011

Avon Rose Splendor Barbie

Avon Rose Splendor Barbie, today's featured deal!
(I just read the fine print:  Available in Caucasian Doll only.)

Doll-friend Pam J. is an Avon consultant.  I initially deleted the CyberMonday sale notice she sent, but made the mistake of going to my delete folder (just to make sure nothing was in it that was not supposed to be) and decided to open the email.  There they were, these two lovely Avon exclusives, Rose Splendor Barbie.  I didn't take the plunge (only the Caucasian doll is available), but thought I'd post the information here, just in case someone else is interested.  Regularly priced $49.99, the current price is $14.99!  Unbelieveable.  Even if you do not want the doll for yourself, think gift.

There is free standard shipping on any order when you use code, CYBER2011.  I didn't browse the site, but you can, if interested.

Use this link just in case you do order so Pam receives the sale credit.    Well, better yet, if you are registered with, use the first link so Pam gets credit; cart your items, then go to and link back to Avon's site (your items should still be carted), then check out.  With Ebates, you'll get 3% cash back and Pam will get credit for the order. 

If you are not registered with -- do it here.  It's free. (As a rule I do not post sale items, here; I do it on my Dolls for Sale blog.)


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