Thursday, November 3, 2011

Models: Hopeful and Actual for Limbe Dolls Lingerie

Last week, I was surprised with a beautiful, well-made Limbe Dolls St. Regis lace ensemble.  It was included in the package that contained the Limbe Dolls brown braided wig purchased for one of my daughter's former dolls.

Artsy Fashionista holds St. Regis lace ensemble by Limbe Dolls

Initially Artsy assumed she would be the lucky doll to model the lingerie. She eagerly took a photograph holding the well-presented two-piece red bra and lace panties.

After disrobing, she was very disappointed that her chest articulation prevents the bra's proper fit. She redressed, and I found a more suitable doll model.

Target-exclusive Barbie gets chosen to model St. Regis Lingerie by Limbe Dolls

A Target-exclusive Barbie is the lucky doll. It fits her perfectly and enhances her appearance.   Her brunette hair is now more noticeable.  Wearing the ensemble sets her apart from the several other dolls that share the overused Desiree head sculpt.

Looking lovely, she insisted on wearing the lingerie only, for a while at least. She also wanted to join other dolls in a more visible area of display. Her wishes were granted.

Thanks again Limbe Dolls!


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  1. Sexy, sexy! She's looking very chic! Poor Artsy. I guess the toilet paper would have shown thru the lace. LOL. You will have to make her a set, because she sure was cheesing big time while holding it.

  2. Target exclusive Barbie looks lovely! The red works well with her hair and skin tone.

  3. You are too funny, Vanessa. LOL!

    Thanks again LD. She does look great. Initially I had her in the back of an enclosed bookshelf, out of sight, out of mind. Not any more.


  4. Great combo, DBG! Thanks for sharing.


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