Monday, May 7, 2012

The Body That Didn't Sell is Now Ken's

The TTL Toy City T30.B dark brown body that I placed on eBay after discovering it would not fit my Michael Jordan #2 head did not sell. 

To relist or not to relist was the question.  Before making a decision about relisting, I removed the head from Bath Play Fun Ken (seen on the far right at the previous link).  Using the larger of the two connectors that came with the body in question, I was pleasantly surprised that Ken's head fit well enough for me to use on this body.  To improve the fit, I lined the lower-inner portion of the head with double-sided tape before attaching it to the neck of the body. 

The next question in my head was, "Will the clothing fit?"  Bath Play Fun Ken had been redressed in Ken Fashionistas Fashion #T7488 several months ago.  Pleased again, I discovered the fashion fits the body.

Ken's sneakers being softened in a cup of boiled water

In order for the black/white checkered slip-on shoes to fit the wider-than-Ken's feet of the new body, I had to soften them in a cup of boiled water.  With that accomplished, Ken was rebodied, fully dressed, and ready to move around at last.
Bath Play Fun Ken's head on TTL T30.B body

Ken is very pleased with his new body and now finds his original one quite laughable. 


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  1. Ha Ha I love the last photo! He looks so good on his new body!

  2. LOL, I LOVE the "point and laugh" attitude in the last pic, Debbie. Sheer genius!

    1. Hi Miladyblue,

      I didn't realize how comical the final picture was until I uploaded it to my computer. Dolls really have a way of expressing themselves.


  3. Oh he's cute. Thanks for sharing this body match.

  4. That is great news! I tried putting this guy on my extra articulated Darren body. I'm not sure where I am with that. I remember having a few issues. It's nice to know the small neck knob offers some other options.


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