Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10, Abolition of Slavery Commemoration

In France, May 10 commemorates the abolition of slavery as a Day of Remembrance
Photo courtesy of Poupées Des Tropiques

I love learning and sharing what I have learned here about the dolls I love.  One of my Facebook friends Poupées Des Tropiques from France shared the following (translated by Bing from French to English):

May 10 is the "national day of memory of trafficking, slavery and its abolition" since 2006 in France.  May 10 "honors the memory of slaves and commemorates the abolition of slavery." France is the first and remains the only state that to date has declared the slave trade and slavery "crime against humanity."  It is also the only state that has declared a national day of remembrance. May 10, referred to [as] the statement of Delgres in 1802, and also marks the day of the unanimous adoption by the Senate, in the second and final reading of the 2001 law recognizing the slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity. Moreover, in the metropolis, particular attention is paid to the date of May 23.  This day reminds one [first] of the official abolition of slavery in 1848 and, secondly, of the silent march of 23 May 1998, which contributed to the national debate leading to the vote of May 21, 2001, recognizing slavery as a crime against humanity. Many associations of the French overseas living in metropolitan commemorate that date as the memory of the suffering of slaves. DOLLS OF THE TROPICS is also associated with this day with [its] "dolls of slavery."
Learn and see more at the following links:

Thank you, Poupées Des Tropiques, for enlightening me and for allowing me to share your materials.


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  1. Thank you very much for these links. I am so excited to find French-speaking collectors of black dolls. I have a Ph.D. in French Civilization. I did my dissertation on the ideology of French colonialism in the Caribbean up to the Haitian Revolution but I didn't know that France has declared slavery a crime against humanity. This will assuage my bitterness that France actually abolished slavery twice. The first time was during the French Revolution but Napoleon re-instituted it. The second time was in 1848.

    1. You are welcome, Paulette! I knew you would appreciate this post.



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