Friday, May 25, 2012

Black on Black in Black

A phrase I remember that was used by my car-enthusiast brothers during the sixties was "black on black in black."  In car lingo this meant the entire car was black from the top (which was often made of vinyl) to the interior and exterior.  The two older brothers were more enthused about cars but all three loved them and loved foreign cars in particular.  The middle brother's first car was a yellow and white with black convertible top 1961 or '62 Nash Metropolitan, a car with a combination American-made body and British-made engine.  This car cost him a whopping $200.  It was used, but still, $200 for a whole car that was still operational?

After placing HeadPlay's Will Smith on a TTL T2.0B body and dressing him in black shirt, tie, suit, socks, and shoes, and using my standard black velvet backdrop for his photographs, I remembered my brothers' phrase:  black on black in black.  In this instance it means black clothing on an African American or black playscale male photographed in a black background.

HeadPlay's Will Smith on a TTL T2.0B body dressed in all black

According to many of the 1/6 scale females here, he looks seriously good dressed or undressed in any color or background.

Of note, the real Will Smith is currently starring in the trilogy, Men in Black 3.  If I replace my playscale Will's black shirt with a white one and add sunglasses I could almost recreate the actor's MIB look. 


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  1. Debbie, I agree with your 1/6 scale females - he looks good! There are at least 2 companies coming out with MIB3 Will Smith figures. I'm looking forward to choosing one!

    1. Thanks, Roxanne!

      It's good to know that other Will Smith figures will be released. I hope they will be affordable or at least an amount I can justify spending.


  2. I had never heard that phrase before. He looks good in black. I am waiting for a sculpt with a less intense facial expression. I love MIB I and II. I am looking forward to seeing III when it comes to DVD.

  3. He looks good in the suit. The females would be pleased.


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