Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Announcement from Doll Artist Patricia Coleman-Cobb

With Patricia Coleman-Cobb's permission, I am sharing the following announcement received this past weekend from the artist by email and in a Facebook status update.

Photograph courtesy of Patricia Coleman-Cobb

Hello, Friends!
It’s been a while since I’ve posted news. I took the summer off from sculpting and stitching to laser-focus on completing my second book “Confessions from the Cloth.” This project is now finished. I have laid down my pen and we are going to print!

"Confessions" is a 173-page collection featuring my dolls in photos, matched on the page with story-poems inspired by these character...
s. These imagined stories chronicle multi-layered reflections on life and relationships—of seduction and delight; of betrayal, or loss, and regret. I am sharing these reflections with you in “soft-spoken” writings that are at times humorous, teasing, or sassy, and at other times provocative, sensual and romantic.

I am proud to announce the arrival of "Confessions of the Cloth," which can be ordered safely and securely on PayPal for $24.95 (plus $5 shipping). My PayPal E-mail address is: It will be shipped fresh off the presses on or before September 18, 2012. Thank you so much for your appreciating my art,

Love, Pat!
Having already placed my order, I look forward to reading Confessions From the Cloth.  Not familiar with her doll works of art?  Visit her website here and browse her galleries. 


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  1. Her work is amazing! I was not familiar with her. Thanks for sharing. Her book sounds intriguing.

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on creating this new book. You're an artist. We keep in touch.

    1. Hi Marta - the author of this book is Patricia Coleman-Cobb... I just posted it here to help her announce it.

      Vanessa -- I agree, Pat's work is amazing. I own one of her smaller pieces.


  3. Hello again: I'm sorry the mistake. You can see that my English is bad. I feel the confusion. I can read that the book is written by Patricia Coleman. Thanks for letting me know. Keep in touch

    1. Okay, Marta. I just wanted to make sure you and others know that I did not write this doll but.


      Take care.



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