Friday, September 21, 2012

Disney V.I.P. Chyna Ann Parks Fashion Doll

See (discover) and read more about this doll at the link:

Just discovered that the above link takes you to the buying page for the Chyna doll, which is okay, but  I actually meant to link you to the Dolls for Sale blog that includes free shipping and cash back information.   Here is that link.   


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  1. Go ahead, Debbie! Thanks for this double scoop - about this unknown to me V.I.P. doll AND the free shipping!

  2. Hi D7ana,

    Couldn't resist the double blog posts after learning about V.I.P. Chyna.


  3. She's a cutie pie. I am not familiar with Disney shows, as I do not have cable, but I am happy to see she is available. I couldn't tell the size from the details. Is she 12" or a little shorter? Yay, articulation! Why is that other companies understand this? Oh never mind. I'm sorry horse. I keep beating on you. They are going to get me for animal cruelty soon.


  4. Hi Vanessa,

    I was happy to learn about this one, too.

    I will let you know her size after my Chyna arrives. The website did not state the size and I didn't want to assume.

    Some ebay sellers have listings for 29.99 and up. I hope people in the states shop around.


  5. I saw her in Walmart but the version there had wonky eyes. I really like her face so I'll keep her in my clearance radar. Although I have yet to see any of the previous line of VIPs go on clearance. :(

    1. I probably should have checked Wal-Mart or Target before I ordered earlier today, but since shipping was free...

      Mattel was a little heavy-handed with the rooted eyelashes, but I can live with that. I just hope the actual eyes are okay. I'd hate to have to return them at's expense if they don't appear as expected. But I will!



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