Monday, September 24, 2012

She is: Aline by Nancy Ann Storybook, 1970s

Aline, a Barbie clone by Nancy Ann Storybook, 1970s

The mystery doll in my blog post from yesterday is, in fact, Aline by Nancy Ann Storybook from the 1970s.

I surfed the Internet last night in an attempt to find an image of a black Barbie clone like this one and found three, links to which were shared as comments to yesterday's post.  Here is one of the three links I shared.

I received the following email this morning from the doll's owner:

Thank you so much! I got a message from a collector on Flickr which led me to check out NASB's Aline doll. I think we have solved the mystery - she is an African American version of Aline. Thanks SO much for your help and support.
Best wishes,
 Thanks everyone for your input... your comments prompted last night's investigative Internet surfing. 


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