Saturday, September 1, 2012

Detroit Doll Show Hosted by Sandy's Land

From the Collection of Sandra Epps

What:  Detroit Doll Show (hosted by Sandy's Land)
When: Saturday, October 6, 2012, 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT
Where: International Institute
            111 East Kirby
            Detroit, MI 48202
Admission:  $5

Doll Display tables (non-selling items) $25
Doll Vendor tables (selling items) are $40

There will be:
    Doll exchange (swap), a series of workshops, vendors, fashion show, auction, wearable art, character visit, food, doll displays, give-a-ways and fun!

    The fashion show is open to all doll show participants. Criteria for fashion show is that the individual must coordinate their garment to match their favorite doll (doll must be present). Winners will receive gift basket and/or gift certificates. There will be 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners.

    This event will also include the Detroit debut of the documentary, WHY DO YOU HAVE BLACK DOLLS, directed and produced by Samantha Knowles.

      Program participants:
      LaJeana Kennedy, Doll Designer
      Shades So Sweet (handmade dolls) by Erica Millbrooks
      Zawadi Arts
      Galen Pauling, Co-Founder of San Paul Group LLC, creator of Q.T. Pie

      Honorary Chair, Debbie Behan Garrett, black-doll enthusiast, historian, author
      Honorary Chair, Darla Davenport-Powell, creator of the Niya Doll

      For more information or to purchase table space, call 313-492-6953 or send email to info@sandysland.icom.

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      1. Hi Debbie, that is really nice to have a doll show to include a program. Congratulations on being an Honorary Chair!

        Have a lovely Saturday.

        1. Thanks, GG. The doll show will be a fabulous event and the table space is so reasonable. I hope there is a huge turnout.

          I was/am "honored" to be an Honorary Chair.


      2. Congratulations on being the Honorary Chair, Debbie!

        Hope you have a great time. Sigh. Wish such events were more common in Philly, but maybe it's just as well that they aren't. Maybe ...

        Please share any photos you can gettin ;-D

        1. LOl @ the photos request.

          I will be there in spirit, D7Ana. I am hoping Sandra Epps shares photos with me to share here.


      3. Hi congratz for being an Honorary Chair of such a beautiful even :)I wish someday I could visit/participate in a event like this!!!!:)

      4. Thank you Ms. Debbie for all that you do. Your Doll knowledge is POWERFUL...We Appreciate you so very much!

        1. You re more than welcome Ms. Epps! Wishing you a hugely successful show!

          I'll be there in spirit!


      5. YAY!!!! i'm so glad to know this!!! This will be a great trip home!!! I can't wait to experience this! Thanke!

        1. Cool Brini... I hope you're able to attend and will spread the word.



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