Monday, September 3, 2012

Lady Sigma Is As Lovely As I Imagined

Please allow Lady Sigma's photo shoot to speak for itself  because few words are needed to describe this breathtaking doll.  In hindsight, I should have used a different color for the background, but her beauty still shines through.  For those wanting to know more about the doll and her manufacturer, that information follows the photos. (Click to enlarge.)

The Essence of Lady Sigma by Trinity Designs, Inc.
Custom-sculpted right hand symbol:  thumb holds down ring finger
She sits as lovely as she stands; note the jointed knees and shapely legs.
Note the jointed elbow and wrist

Full Name:  The Essence of Lady Sigma
Height:  16 inches tall
Material:  Lightweight vinyl (unlike the firmer vinyl used for artist dolls)
Articulation:  Elbows, wrists, waist (under breast plate), knees with custom-sculpted right hand
Eyes:  Black/gray painted eyes
Hair:  Black rooted hair styled in a long ponytail, held with silver band embellished with crystals
Clothing/Accessories:  Wears gold satin two-piece dress accented at neckline with blue beads, matching handbag, gold high-heel shoes; gold and blue drop earrings and matching necklace
Other:  Has certificate of authenticity and straddle doll stand (the base of which contains S. G. Rho audio, requires three AAA batteries).
Retails for $149 (the dolls were discounted 50% at the time I placed my order.)

Created by:
Trinity Designs, Inc. as part of The Essence of... Doll Collection in honor of African American Greek lettered sororities
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Read my March 2011 interview with the company's president, here


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  1. She is gorgeous! Too bad I no longer collect 16" dolls. She is very well done.

  2. Beautiful! She has a gorgeous face. Congratulations on getting her for a great price.

  3. Debbie, thank you SOOOO MUCH for supporting me even from the beginning and now. I completely appreciate it. Looking forward to designing many more beautiful dolls and sharing them with you!!!

    1. Niccole - you are welcome! This post, as are all my posts, was written from the heart (the only way I know to write effectively).

      I am looking forward to your future designs especially the 12-inch dolls on the horizon.


  4. So Nice To See New Concepts And Creations For Dolls!
    I'm sure this art never lived a so strong moment as this we're
    living now.
    It's great to have our sharings by this times...
    Great post,Debbie!
    Thanks For Share It On:"DOLL PASSION CULTURE CLUB"

    1. Thank you for commenting, Jorge.

      Today's dolls are unlike the dolls of our past -- they are definitely better and like Lady Sigma are representative of current culture and trends. We are blessed to be here to enjoy them!

      Lady Sigma is displayed with my Franklin Mint Michelle Obama doll on my work desk where I can enjoy them while I work.


  5. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new doll. Lady Sigma is gorgeous. I love the dress she's wearing. Keep in touch

  6. Breathtaking indeed. Love the rooted lashes and full lips.

  7. Thank you for your comments, Marta and Muff!



  8. Beautiful doll. The dress is gorgeous.

  9. Thank you both, Mustiwait and MDW. Lady Ivy is tempting, but I think I had better stop with this one.


  10. Thanks for sharing these photos, DBG. It is almost as nice as having the doll ... big time ALMOST. I am relieved she is 16" tall because I could immediately tell myself. NO. And mean it ;-D

    But if I collected all sizes ... say, I had a mansion and inexhaustible funds to match ... {channeling Mick Jagger] "she would be mine, she would be mine, all mine." (Only in the sense of ownership ;-D - lol)

    1. If I am still collecting/buying dolls when I grow up, D7ana, I plan to be as focused at you, or at least more focused on fewer genres than I am now.


  11. 09/03/2012 Email received from Trinity Designs, Inc.

    We are currently offering a 2 week promotion on remaining inventory of The Essence of Lady Ivy, The Essence of a ZETA and the The Essence of Lady Sigma.
    The Essence of a DELTA is currently sold out but will make another debut soon via "special preorders".

    The current 50% OFF sale will end Sept 15th.
    Sale price is $75.00 plus S&H

    Don't miss the opportunity to get your exclusive collectible doll!!
    Delivery is 3 day Priority shipping.

    (I believe special ordering pages for each doll have been set up to reflect the discounted price.) Email for the ordering link.



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