Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On-Hand Items Chyna Can Wear

I tried the Bratz school girl fashion on V.I.P. Chyna after reading Hey, It's Muff's post about discounted Bratz fashions at Target.  The school girl fashion fits Chyna's body but the skirt is extremely short... too short for me to even consider allowing her to wear it (so I didn't bother to photograph her).

Before she was back in her original clothes, I decided to see which on-hand fashions I have that fit Chyna.  She models these below:

Chyna in BFC Ink fashion

Chyna looks cute in 9-1/2-inch BFC Ink Calista's Soft 'N' Sweet fashion.  I had to struggle to get the sleeves over Chyna's outstretched fingers. 

Chyna in Only Hearts Club fashion

Only Hearts Club (OHC) Briana's fashion does not have such a flattering fit because the top is a little large on Chyna and the pants are too short.  The shoes do fit and it was not difficult to get the sleeves over Chyna's hands.

Chyna in another OHC fashion
 The Only Hearts Club striped poncho, cargo skirt, shoes, and purse fashion fits better, but the skirt is a little short on Chyna.  The fashion also includes white ankle socks, but with socks, the shoes will not fit Chyna.

OHC poncho fashion without the poncho and purse

Chyna and I like this fashion better on her without the poncho and without the purse. By the way, this fashion also came with a pair of white panties.  OHC didn't overlook any details in their well-made fashions. 

BFC Ink Calista's original fashion

Calista's original fashion fits Chyna but she looks as though she was poured into the leggings.  The waistband hits her at bikini level.  The white top and gray sweater both fit well as do Calista's purple slip-on sneakers.

I have several other boxed BFC Ink and OHC fashions on hand.  It's good to know and was fun to share that Chyna can alternate wearing her original fashion with these.   By the way, OHC dolls can wear 9-1/2-inch BFC Ink fashions, but the shoes are a little big.  I usually just stuff a little tissue paper in the shoes to prevent them from falling off Briana.

While viewing and cropping the redressed images of Chyna, I realized I like this doll so much because her big brown bright eyes, heavy eyelashes, and constant smile remind me of my sister as a young girl.   She's been smiling almost constantly since she was a baby.  
Sister as a baby with our neighbor's daughter, 1961


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  1. How cute! Thanks for the fashion show!

  2. Hello from Spain: thanks for showing these clothes on this doll. She is very cute. Your family photo is endearing. Keep in touch

  3. I like all these fashions. I have one BFC fashion and have never seen another pack of them since.

  4. Hi. I just happened on your blog while searching for something else. I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed your posts about your dolls and about black doll collecting. I'm fascinated by dolls and wanted to be a collector at one time but somehow never did. Thank you so much for sharing your passion!

  5. Margaret, Marta, and Muff - thank you for complimenting Chyna's fashion show. She enjoyed it as much as I did.


    Hi Barbara - Thank you for taking the time to comment about my blog. I am glad you have enjoyed what you read and more importantly happy that my passion for the dolls I love is conveyed in the posts you have read. Thanks again!



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