Friday, October 12, 2012

These Lips Are Not as Augmented

Dynamite Girls Dayle with her former parted lips reminded me of Basketball Wives Malaysia.

Here she lies allowing her new mouth to dry after an application of a mixture of white, pink, toffee, and burnt sienna acrylic paints.

No longer in jeopardy of being sold, with lips that are closed and not as full as my previous repaint, Dayle strikes a final pose.

Thanks again Jorge Ramiro and Sheilla B Silver for the inspiration. 


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  1. You're brave to get out the paints on a fully clothed doll. I would have to have her naked and mummified in plastic wrap!

    1. Hello VDC - In most cases I disrobe dolls that require extensive painting or retouching, but in the case of this one, I knew "a little dab would do it."



  2. You did a great job with her painted lips. I like her new look. I also like this one with her smile. I do understand the toothy grin being an issue, though.

  3. Great job Debbie! I think I like her better this way with closed mouth.

  4. Hey,Debbie!!
    I'm loving this artistic and creative moment of you!!
    I see here a better result in therms of finishing!!
    Sometimes the size of lips or smile can let easily or more difficult for the smile change,but I guess you made here,such a more precise job.CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Thank You For The New Mention!!You're Kind As Always!!

  5. Vanessa & GG - Thanks. She looked okay with teeth but I do like her much better with a closed mouth.

    Jorge - I agree that the size of the mouth or the area that needs to be enclosed to create the closed-mouth look plays an important part on the outcome. Patience also plays an important role for me. I didn't allow my impatience to control my desire to "get it done quickly" this time. It also helped that I did not have much area to enclose.

    Thanks for sharing your comments. I can always count on you to give an honest assessment.


  6. For sure you can!
    And always trying to give a sincere participation in the creative adventures of my kind friends as you!
    I forgot to comment with you that I had this difficulty by the size of the smile when I made my smile intervention on ARTSY, the same mold you used in your first try...
    On Sheilla it was easier because I had a small area to work...

  7. Wow, I agree with VDC! I never would have painted even a tiny speck on a clothed doll. I, however, am very accident prone, lol. Another good job with closing the lips.


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