Monday, May 20, 2013

Nice Enough To Hang On the Wall

Bounce TV is a new-to-me African American-owned station currently broadcast in 68% of local US markets.  It has been available in my area for quite some time; however, my main TVs are connected to cable.  The cable provider excludes many local stations, Bounce TV included.  I have been able to watch Bounce TV on an infrequent basis in my doll room on a non-cable-connected TV, but I rarely turn that TV on.

In order to watch Bounce TV on my high-definition television and the other local stations that I could not receive through the cable box connected to that TV,  I used a two-way splitter to connect a VHF/UHF antenna to my HDTV.  With the local stations programmed in, I gained access to 50 extra channels.  I can now "Bounce" and enjoy classic movies and shows geared toward the AA community. 

I recently watched a 1980s Soul Train program on Bounce that featured the Brothers Johnson.  After their performance of "Stomp!" (not to be confused with Kirk Franklin's gospel song), the main group members (George and Lewis Johnson) presented Don Cornelius with a platinum record plaque.  Cornelius commented, "Once in a while someone gives you something nice enough to hang on the wall."

While not platinum records, but worth as much to me as thoughtful gestures, I have received several extremely nice doll-related gifts that were designed to hang on the wall.  Some of these are shared below:

One of my initial doll-related gifts, a throw or blanket, was received in 2003 from the WeLoveBlackDolls group as part of a congratulatory gift package after my first book was published.  Made from a picture of a group of my dolls, it can be used as wall hanging.

The throw measures 45 x 63 inches and features Magic Attic Keisha, My Twinn "Danika", and Robert Tonner's Penney.
In 2004 or thereabouts, I received a framed canvas of the cover image of my first book.  A gift from doll-friend Vicky Williams, it hangs in my doll room/office.

Framed canvas of book cover image

Meeting master carver, Floyd Bell at the 56th United Federation of Doll Clubs Convention held in Dallas, Texas in 2006, led to a collector-artist friendship.  Bell and I have collaborated on articles for Doll Reader and Dolls magazines.  In late 2007/early 2008, he surprised me with a beautiful Music Dolls on Canvas framed portrait of his 6-inch carved "Music Dolls."  The dolls commemorate the 2007 UFDC 58th Convention theme, Music! Music! Music!

Music Dolls on Canvas by Floyd Bell #4/500 features his music doll grouping of 6-inch carved dolls.  This portrait also hangs in my doll room/office.

In late February/early March 2011, I received a painting, ready for framing, from renowned doll artist, Goldie Wilson.

Girl with Blue Bow was shared in a March 3, 2011 blog entry.  It sits on a shelf in my doll room/office

I bartered for and purchased for myself the following two doll-themed items suitable for hanging.

This doll tapestry contains a scene of three porcelain dolls having a tea party.  It was purchased for me from Cracker Barrel, ca. 2002 by another collector in exchange for a Mattel Classics doll (AA Chatty Cathy, I believe) that I was able to locate and send to the collector, who was eager to complete her series of these dolls.  I use the tapestry it to cover a green, vintage storage trunk that sits at the foot of a bed. 

Six rag dolls and six stuffed fabric hearts are attached to this doll wall hanging by Delton Products Corporation.  Not shown in the image are the cloth loops at the top which accommodate a wooden dowel used for hanging it.
I have other doll-themed wall hangings that I purchased for myself, but the purpose of this post was to share those I received as gifts.  I included the last two because of their uniqueness and readily available photos.


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  1. I've been watching Bounce for a couple years now. I don't have cable, but it also comes on our cable channels, too. I happened to see that episode of Soul Train, too. LOL! I have the Cracker Barrel tapestry hanging in my basement. Good to know you have one. I had thought about sending you mine.

  2. Awww... how thoughtful, Vanessa. A collector from GA (I think) shared an online image of her tapestry in approximately '02. My Cracker Barrel didn't have the tapestry. This was around the time Mattel reproduced a few dolls from the 1960s -- Baby Drowsy, Chatty Chatty, and a few others. The collector needed black Chatty so we traded -- doll for tapesty.

  3. Such sweet art that has been shared with you!

  4. It is nice to see the dolls featured in quilts and art. The rag doll wall hanging is beautiful.

    1. The rag doll quilt is one of my favorites, MDW, although I have yet to hang it.



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