Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mixis-S.I.S. Barbie Comparison for Tracy India

In a comment to my "And Then There Were Six..." post about YNU Group Inc.'s Mixis dolls, Tracy India of Dolls and the City wrote:

Beautiful girls! I would probably consider purchasing two of the ladies, your Rosa and Emerald are very appealing to me. Since they are first edition they may not be articulate. Can you tell me what the size comparison of their head to a Barbie head? Also, do you know if their heads are removable for body swapping?

For a quick illustrative comparison, I photographed First Edition Mixis Rosa with S.I.S. Barbie Marisa because Mixis dolls have a similar figure.

Head wise, Mixis dolls have a longer chin whereas the S.I.S. (Mbili) chin is round.  Otherwise, as illustrated in the first and second images, Rosa's head and body are well proportioned.

So In Style Marisa and Mixis Rosa head and height comparison

Rosa is from the First Edition series, so she is not articulated.  Additionally, the following nude image of the dolls illustrates the smaller-than-Barbie bust size, longer torso, and wider waist size of the Mixis dolls.

Also, Mixis dolls' feet are more proportionately sized with their body; therefore, much smaller than Barbie's and specifically the S.I.S. dolls' feet.  Unlike Barbie and the S.I.S. dolls, they have a natural foot arch, illustrated below.

S.I.S foot, Mixis foot

The natural foot arch aids in their ability to stand unsupported.

Size-wise, the Mixis dolls' feet are about the same length, maybe a little shorter, than Stardolls' as illustrated next.

Stardoll foot, Mixis foot

I have not removed their heads for body swapping, but Roxanne's Dolls has done this.  She currently has the head of Mixis Opal (with curly hair) on an action figure body as illustrated here (third doll from the left).

The Mixis clothes, shoe gear, back packs, and all other accessories are very well made.  The boots zip closed and some clothing items are even lined.  The only thing this line lacks is full articulation.

Hope this helps! 


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  1. Thanks. This was very helpful

  2. Yay! Thank you so much for posting this. I always feel like a celebrity when I get a mention in our doll family blogs, LOL. She sure is gorgeous! I'm definitely interested in this girl and Emerald. I will look into action figure bodies.

    Thanks again. :))

    1. You're welcome! I think most articulated bodies will work. Roxanne just happens to prefer the female action figure look. Hopefully she will read this within a day or two and comment on the Mixis dolls' head removal (ease of and suggested body donors).

      Hopefully she can offer suggestions on non-action figure bodies that will match Emerald and Rosa's complexion, too.


  3. Debbie, thanks for this informative post.

    Tracy India, Mixis' heads are removable, but it can be a little tricky. Extending from their neck, there is a thick elastic band that goes through a plastic disk and it is knotted at the top. I would recommend using some sort of tool (like a crochet needle) to turn the plastic disk to the side and slide it out of the neck hole. This will be easier if you heat the head prior to removal. I hope this helps!

  4. Thanks for the comparison photos. The mixis dolls are very interesting and deserve more exposure.

  5. Thanks for the body comparisons. It is interesting to see that a fashion doll can be made with feet with an arch that can her help her stand

  6. Cool article, DBG! Love your Mixis/Barbie comparison photos and information.


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