Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Gift For No Particular Reason

Earlier this month doll-friend Betty A. surprised me with three beautiful hand sewn dresses.

The yellow dress and brown and gold two-piece dress are made of cotton.  The red and white polka dot dress is a very sheer organza-type fabric.

Betty's sewing is impeccable and impressive because she makes her own patterns.

I love all three dresses but the yellow one is my favorite.  It's so right on time because Matoka, who is currently wearing another dress from Betty, has been wanting to change into spring attire.

I will hold off on redressing Matoka until my doll from Germany arrives.  She may be the lucky recipient of the yellow dress, but the two girls can always share.

Thank you again, Betty for your caring generosity that you have extended to me for no particular reason! 


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  1. Hello from Spain, awesome dresses. I like Betty's dresses. I adore red one. Keep in touch

  2. They are beautiful. I think my favorite is the last one. I like the print on that fabric. I can't wait to see them on.

  3. Pretty dresses! That was very sweet of your friend to gift you with such loveliness.

  4. Art and clothes - you are lucky to have such nice dollie friends!

  5. Marta, Vanessa, Georgia Girl, and Muff - Thanks!

    Betty is a true gem.

    I can't wait for my birthday doll to arrive to model these beautiful dresses; she has one more week of travel time, maybe.

    Lucky, blessed, favored -- I claim all of that, Muff.




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