Tuesday, May 14, 2013

7:01 Praise for Vanessa

This is a quick post to publicly thank Vanessa Morrison of Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures on behalf of my Mother for one of  the Mother's Day gifts my mother received from me:  a handcrafted ink pen made of olive wood.

At 7:01 a.m., according to the time on my oven clock, my phone rang but immediately went to voice mail when I answered on the third ring.  Caller ID revealed the caller was my mother.  I am always worried of late when she calls early or late as her health has been waxing and waning.  I immediately returned her call.  The conversation was as follows:

Mama:  I know you're working, but I wanted to call you to tell you to thank Vanessa for my pen.  It feels so good in my hands. 

Me:  Oh Lord!  (Relieved that she's okay.)

Mama:  This is the smoothest writing pen!  Tell her that I can feel the love she put into making it and that I really thank the person who made it and the person who gave it to me.  Tell Vanessa she will always be in my prayers.

Me:  Oh Lord (messing with her).

Mama:  Make sure you tell her, Debbie!

Me:  Oh Lord!

Mama:  Get off the phone, Debbie Garrett. 

Me:  Bye Mama.

The lighter pen, made of olive wood, is my mother's; the other is mine, which is made of Padauk wood.)

The time is set 5 minutes faster than the actual time on my oven clock.  By the time I sat down to craft this post, my computer clock also read 7:01.

Vanessa -- on behalf of my mother, I thank you for making the beautiful olive wood pen for her on such short notice.  My mother sends copious thanks to you as indicated above.

And as I have already informed you, I love my pen that arrived in August of last year.  Its beauty and superior crafts-woman-ship is the reason I had one made for my mother.  She deserves and desires only the best. 


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  1. Hello from SPain, Vanessa is a great designer. Her creations are fabulous. Her Job with wood is awesome. She is the best. I am happy your mather is happy. Keep in touch

  2. Beautiful! Love it. What a wonderful gift. Happy Mothers Day.

  3. I love them both! Great job Vanessa! Your Mom seems like such a sweetheart Debbie. : )

  4. Awwww, I almost missed this post. I am thrilled with your mother's response. I really enjoyed making her pen, knowing that the woman who has been praying for my health, would be receiving it. Please give her my love.

  5. Awesome pens created by our talented sister blogger! Yay, Vanessa!

    Sweet post from you, too, DBG. Beautifully fit for this occasion. Glad to read that your Mom is doing well.


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