Thursday, July 10, 2014

Selling Her Collection Installment 4

This is list 4 of 4 weekly lists of dolls and related items posted for Linda Hayes, who is selling her collection.  The dolls are listed in four groups -- images first, then lists of items shown in each photo.    Linda's contact information follows as well as links to lists from the past three weeks and links to her eBay auctions and Amazon listings.

 Group 1

Django Stephen-$80
G I Joe Action Pilot-$35
Miles Thirst Sprite-$100
O J Simpson-$55
Kobe Bryant-$85

Group 2-Barbies DOTW $35 each

Group 3
Marx Sindy’s friend Gayle-$80
Avon Kenzie-$35
DollHouse Family-$40
Clueless Dionne-$20
Rock Flowers Rosemary-$40
Cammie Goes to College-$20

Group 4
Barbie Tangerine Twist $40
Rockers Dee Dee-$30
Neo Licca-$85
Lounge Kitties-$50
Cover Girl Esme-$50
Basic Esme-$35

For additional details, full-size photos, and/or how to purchase any of the above items, please contact Linda Hayes by email:

Payment methods:  Paypal and mailed check.

For Sale Post Week 1
For Sale Post Week 2
For Sale Post Week 3

Linda is also selling on and  Her current eBay listings can be viewed here and her listings are here.




  1. Oh, I would have liked that Clueless doll. Darn. And Sindy's friend, Gayle. Nice selection.

    Good luck, Linda! Thanks for sharing the information, Debbie!

  2. Oh wow, a couple of dolls on my want list: Gayle and the Lounge Kitty. I'll have to see what my funds are like after the UFDC Con.


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