Thursday, July 3, 2014

Selling Her Collection Installment #3

This week's 20-item post of dolls and related items that Linda Hayes is selling is shown in four groups -- images first, then lists of items.  Linda's contact information follows as well as links to lists from the past two weeks and links to her eBay auctions and Amazon listings.

Group One - Clothes
Boxed Jackie Yellow Outfit-$15
Twiggy outfit-$15
All About Eve Summer Splendor outfit MIB-$20


Group Two – Men
GI Joe Action Soldier $35
GI Joe Sailor $35
GI Joe Marine $35
My Scene Sutton-$40
High School 2 set-$15
Honey Hill Bunch-Solo-$25


Group Three- Barbies
Avon $40
Byron Lars Cinnabar  $45
Dallas Cheerleader $35
Uptown Chic (missing glasses) $30
My Fav Barbie (reproduction of 1980 1st Black Barbie) $40
Sydney 2000 Olympics $40


Group Four - Misc
Shindana Disco Wanda-$45
Career Wanda $75
Violet Waters Mood Indigo $75
Swingtime Serenade $75 
Bratz Dance Crews, the boom box works, $25


For additional details, full-size photos, and/or how to purchase any of the above items, please contact Linda Hayes by email:

Payment methods:  Paypal and mailed check.

For Sale Post Week 1
For Sale Post Week 2

Linda is also selling on and  Her current eBay listings can be viewed here and her listings are here.




  1. Omg I see who I want!! I hope I get her. I am suppose to me making my peach cobbler not taking a break, lol. Thanks for sharing too.

    1. Peach cobbler... sounds de-li-cious, Brini! Hope you get the one you want, too.



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