Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Who Am I? The Netherlands Doll Find

I received the following inquiry with images seeking help identifying the doll head shown.  I could not identify the head and asked permission to share the images here. 

Dear Debbie Garrett,
I saw your website about your black doll collection. I am from The Netherlands and I bought the head of black doll on a market without a body. It’s made of paper [mache]. I looked for more information about this doll, but I can’t find anything. Do you [know] more about this doll? Can you can give information about this doll?

...find photos in the attachment.
Best regards,
The Netherlands

If you know the identification of this mystery doll or can offer leads in this regard, please post that information in a comment.  Thanks in advance!



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  1. I work for an antique store and sometimes I have to look up things that come in. This looks like the head of a carnival doll. They were usually used as prizes in the early 1940's. They were most often made out of chalk or celluloid, this one sounds like celluloid and probably had a Caribbean style costume. The dolls today only sell for about 20 to 60 dollars for a fully in tact doll depending on the condition. They are in the same category with Black Kewpie dolls.


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