Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jasmine Goes to Guadeloupe

Gone, still here, gone, gone (Jasmine at various stages of development)

Three of my four Jasmine dolls by Waltraud Hanl have found new homes.  Jasmine at 1-1/2, pictured above, third from left, departed yesterday.  She is now on her way to Guadeloupe* in the French Caribbean and is estimated to arrive by July 25th.

Jasmine at 1-1/2

Real-live doll and me at the 2005 18th International Black Doll Convention in Philadelphia, PA.  Jasmine is in the huge box in front.  This photo was taken shortly after I purchased her.

Jasmine was purchased in 2005 from one of the vendors at the 18th International Black Doll Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She was one of two dolls purchased while in Philadelphia that weekend as souvenirs.  I hesitated to sell her for this reason, but I need space.  Some of my larger dolls will be adopted out for this reason.  I will have the above photos and other memories of Jasmine's presence here.  I hope she is well loved in her new home in the Caribbean. 

Three down, one more to go.

*Guadeloupe is a group of Caribbean islands located in the Leeward Islands, in the Lesser Antilles, with a land area of 1,628 square kilometres and a population of 405,739 inhabitants. Wikipedia
(The population total will soon be plus one.)



  1. Look at you looking all modelesque. I know, that's not a word. I hope Jasmine's will bring lots of joy to her new mommy. For the record, that big doll is pretty scary.

  2. I echo Vanessa's sentiment. Bet she's going to have fun at her new home.

  3. It took Jasmine a full month to arrive to Guadeloupe. This particular sale has been a harrowing experiencing for both me and the buyer, who contacted me several times through eBay with her concern that Jasmine had not arrived. I am happy she finally arrived and that the buyer is pleased. I received the following note from the buyer this morning:

    Bonjour, blkdolls4me
    Oui, jasmine est arrivé avant la fin de la semaine le 08/08/14
    Merci de mettre en vente vos poupées pour ce prix ce qui m a permis
    De l acheté c est vraiment de la qualité très réaliste
    Tant pis pour les frais payer en plus, l important c était de l avoir
    Ses cheveux sont facile à coiffer je lui ai fait des boucles
    Les vêtements que je lui avait déjà acheté pour sa venu lui vont
    Bien pour la plupart
    Je lui ai déjà fait essayé pas mal de chaussures
    Je vais bien m occupée d elle avec amour
    Merci pour ce travail que vous faite et d avoir communiqué avec moi
    Jasmine fait maintenant partie de ma vie

    Translated by Google Translate:
    Hello, blkdolls4me
    Yes, jasmine arrived before the end of the week 08/08/14
    Thank you to sell your dolls for this award which allowed me
    Of c bought is really very realistic quality
    Never mind the fees payable in addition, significant c was to have the
    Her hair is easy to comb I made her curls
    The clothes I had bought her for her will come to him
    Although for most
    I have already tried a lot of her shoes
    I'm fine with it m busy with love
    Thank you for the work you have done and contacted me
    Jasmine is now part of my life
    Thank you !!!!!!
    Best regards


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