Friday, October 17, 2014

A Warm Thank You From Pattycake Doll Company

As a result of my previous post about the dolls featured on Iyanla Fix My Life, I received an unexpected "thank you email" from Pattycake Doll Company (the source of the 34 dolls used on the show).  That email is shared in its entirety below:

Dear Debbie;

Thank you so much for posting links to our store from your latest blog post. we appreciate the shout out!

As bloggers ourselves, (, we know how difficult it is to always have to come up with new posts, so we are passing along some follow up information about this story that may be enough to create another post for you:

As you might have noticed when looking at our site, we give 10% of our store's profits to charities that help children. So we tend to think along those lines anyway.

So when Harpo productions was talking to us about their initial order, and we found out this was to be a one-shot deal for them, we asked them what they  were going to do with the dolls afterwards. As they hadn't yet thought about it, we suggested a donation to a local children's hospital or women's shelter, or if needed, TIF (The Toy Industry Foundation) as TIF will sometimes arrange a pick up. (and those were four big boxes!)

TIF got the dolls, and subsequently they ended up at a "toys for children of our military" givaway at Langley Air Force base.

Here's TIF's tweet thanking us and Team Harpo! (Hopefully it will show up in this email.)

(Screen captured tweet from email)

A great story all around!

PS: Harpo Productions in Chicago did a complete duplicate of the Atlanta order for a follow-up story several months after, but we know nothing more than that.

Your friends;


Peter and Adrienne Laudin
The Pattycake Doll Company

America's Specialty Doll Store
Black, Asian, Hispanic, Biracial and Multicultural Dolls
Dolls for Boys, Learn-to-Dress Dolls, Musical & Animated Dolls
And the softest, cutest, most adorable plush dolls in the world!

Adoption Certificates, Stationery and Gifts

Helping Children to Sleep
Pretty cool, right?  You just never know who will find you and read what you have written about them on the Internet. 




  1. Very cool! Look at you spreading the word.

    1. :-)

      If it's about the dolls I love, Muff, spreading the word is what I love to do.


  2. That is very cool. I need to go back and read your previous post. I did see some of that Iyanla episode, and the pile up of dolls. The dolls are very cute.

    1. :-) "Pile up of dolls." I think all doll lovers who saw the preview of the show were curious about the dolls.


  3. I saw the dolls on the show and did not know who they were. Thanks for the information.


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