Monday, October 28, 2019

As Seen on the Shelves of Walmart

My Sweet Love Playsets from Lots of Love Babies; smiling and looking curious, respectively, one has a bathtub, the other has a baby bed.

I decided to take the above and the following pictures to share here while browsing the doll aisles at Walmart. 

The first dolls that caught my eye were the mini babies and playsets, My Sweet Love dolls from the Lots to Love Babies line.  I believe Berenguer is the manufacturer.  They are all-vinyl, 5 inches tall, and have different facial expressions.  They were priced at $4.88 each.

My Sweet Love with a green and purple scooter and another with a rocking horse.

The one on the left has a baby seat with tray.

The one on the right sits in a pink infant carrier.

This close-up provides a better view of the My Sweet Love baby seated in an infant carrier.

There were other My Sweet Love Babies with different head sculpts than the ones described above.  Sold as dolls only, they have a light-brown-to-tan complexion, shown next:

These cuties were priced at $3.98 as shown.  Dressed in colorful pastel shirts and panties, they are all-vinyl with molded hair.  They share the same facial expression.

Also available were a dark- and medium-complexioned Keyara (Kenya's Baby Sister) and a dark-complexioned Sparkle and Shine Kenya.

Sparkle and Shine Kenya is shown above in a medium complexion.
Also from the Kenya line is Sparkle and Shine Styling Head Kenya.  She has a lovely head sculpt.

I checked to see if the 18-inch My Life [cancer] Survivor doll was there, but none were in stock.  The following three My Life dolls were available.

My Life as an Everyday Girl and My life as Class President
My Life as a Vlogger
There were three different Princess Tiana dolls seen.  I almost regret not getting the mini-doll...
and/or the one on the far left above.  They are Comfy Squad Tiana (she has a kooky expression), Royal Shimmer Tiana, and Petite Tiana (the mini-doll that is about 4 to 5 inches tall).  If she's still there, I will probably bring her home the next time I shop (but there were only two!).

Sparkle Girlz fashions priced at $1.97 each
I sifted through the above Sparkle Girlz fashion display box and picked out the following for myself... I mean for my Barbie-sized dolls with slender bodies. 

A one-piece dress with dark pink bodice and multicolored straight skirt includes a pair of pink mules; and a one-piece dress with a red knit bodice, white collar and cuffs, denim skirt, and silver box purse.

On the left, a green/orange/tan top pairs well with an ombre-green separate skirt and red high heels; white blouse with embroidered neckline and flared sleeves and Aztec patterned leggings and a red handbag are on the right.

I also saw the #Snapstar dolls, one of which I purchased months ago but returned.  A few #Snapstar wigs were available.  I purchased a red one for one of my other dolls to wear if needed.  The wig was $4 and change.

The wig looks great in the box graphics.

The wig quality, unfortunately, is poor.  The ends are quite rough and uneven.  It sheds when combed.  The very thin plastic wig stand and comb were included.

This image was taken from the back after I combed through the wig to remove most of the loose fibers.

This wig fits LIV Alexis well, but she opted to return to her own wig as seen here with #Snapstar doll I returned months ago. 
There were lots of Barbies on Walmart's shelves along with the holiday Barbies (white and black versions), which I forgot to photograph. 


A few weeks ago, my husband called me from Wal-Mart, all excited about a "black Barbie in a wheelchair" and a "boy with plastic cornrows," wanting to know if I wanted them.  I was hesitant about the wheelchair Barbie (because I just like dolls and have no room for accessories, none), but I did want cornrowed Ken, which is actually the same doll as Classic Cool.  The newer version has a deeper complexion.  He talked me into getting Fashionista #133.  "Your collection needs to include unique dolls.  This doll even has a ramp."   I said, "Alright! Get that one, too."

So here they are, Fashionista #133 and #130.

Fashionista #133 shares the same head sculpt (and hairstyle) as Fashionista #80 (Cheerful Check).  Dressed in a multicolored striped blouse with cold shoulders, denim pants, and low-top white sneakers, she wears silver shades on her head.  Her hair is styled in two Afro puffs.  Her multiple points of articulation allow her to sit in her turquoise wheelchair with ease.  Her wheelchair ramp is Barbie pink. 

Fashionista #130 will have a makeover of his cornrows as soon as he is released from the box and as soon as time permits (probably not before the Thanksgiving holiday or Christmas break).  He wears a black and white jersey with the number 4 on the front.  Los Angeles is repeated around the hemline of the jersey.    Light blue denim pants and low-top white sneakers complete his casual look.


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your trip to Walmart. I enjoyed seeing the various dolls.

  2. I'm a Target shopper rather than a Walmart shopper, but those Sparkle Girlz fashions are calling me ... er, the fashion dolls who live here.

    1. I think your petite fashion dolls would appreciate the Sparkle Girlz fashions, Gini. They do run a bit smaller than most Barbie cloths because I believe the dolls they are designed to fit are 11 inches tall.


    2. I've used Sparkle Girlz fashions on dolls with a more "young teen" body than the standard Barbie, and also on hybrid dolls (those with Barbie heads and thinner articulated bodies made in China). My tribe of Liv dolls is outfitted with SG fashions as well. My two local Walmarts are not good about restocking, alas, and often I have to hunt through lower shelves to find the depleted display boxes. The prices justify the effort!

    3. The body types you've mentioned are perfect for SG fashions. My WM keeps the SG fashions well stocked but I have to be careful and check the cards to be sure there are no missing pieces from sticky-handed folks taking shoes or other things off the cards. I didn't examine one fashion well enough once and found that the shoes were missing when I got home. Ugh!



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