Friday, November 7, 2014

Announcement From Double Dutch Dolls

K. Charles owner and creator of Double Dutch Dolls has announced the next and third doll to be added to the multicultural doll line.  The choice is a result of a recent successful KickStarter campaign that was followed by contributors' votes on which doll would be next.  K. Charles writes:

Well, it was close and came down to the wire-only 1 vote difference. Can you believe it? But, in the end the next Double Dutch Doll is Ms. Sascha McKnight! Here's a little info on Ms. Sascha:

Hi- It’s me Sascha. I know it’s hard to believe the outgoing Kaila Bradey and I have been BFF’s since Ms. Hazel’s 1st grade class. But, opposites attract. When I’m not sharing notes in the back of the class, or the latest Stingrays gossip, I’m practicing cheerleading or scoping the latest styles and fashions at the mall with my BFF.


Birthday: April 23rd (Taurus)

Heritage: African-American

Hobbies: Cheerleading, Shopping, Volunteering

Favorite Food: Ice cream and anything chocolate

Favorite Book: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Best Friend: Kaila Bradley

Favorite Color: Lilac (Purple)

Future Plans: Elementary School Teacher

Meet Sascha- the newest 18" Double Dutch Doll. 

Our second runner up, Alainna Rivera, was only one vote from tying with Sascha. We are actively searching for the funds to bring her to life as quickly as possible. So, please continue to spread the word about Double Dutch Dolls. We sincerely appreciate all of your support, well wishes and feedback. It has been a fun ride and we thank you for taking the journey with us...

Don't forget to visit for all the latest Double Dutch Dolls information and special holiday promotions.

K. Charles 

The Double Dutch Dolls were first introduced on this blog in a guest post by K. Charles, which can be read here.




  1. Wow, these dolls are truly beautiful. If I collected that size of doll, I would jump at the chance of buying one!

  2. She is beautiful. I like it when dolls have a background story.

    1. The background story does add a nice touch, especially for young doll owners. The fact that the dolls have books that can be purchased separately is appealing, too.



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