Saturday, November 1, 2014

William Grant Still Art Center: Call for Dolls

The education coordinator at the William Grant Still Art Center in Los Angeles, California shared a PDF outlining their "Call for Dolls" for their 34th Annual Doll Show.  I was asked to share this information under the Doll Events tab of this blog.  I am publishing it as a separate post here first.

Pertinent information from the PDF:
Call for Dolls
The William Grant Still Arts Center is in the process of selection for its 34th annual Black Doll Show with this year’s theme, "A League Supreme- Jazz Superheroes". We are seeking dolls inspired by the fantastical world of Wakanda and musical jazz legends who use music to transcend injustice. The request is specifically for dolls that would reside in Wakanda as either ordinary citizens or magical mystical creatures that live within inter-dimensional realities. This vision is also calling for dolls that represent select jazz musicians as Superheroes. Musicians we would like to celebrate include Dr. William Grant Still, Sun Ra, Nina Simone, Thelonius Monk, Billie Holiday, Miriam Makeba, Gil Scott Heron, Fela Kuti, John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane, Abby Lincoln or Max Roach.

Our Theme
This year’s theme for the BLACK Doll Show  "A League Supreme- Jazz Superheroes" was chosen by curator, Keisa Davis. Our curator will be turning the gallery into Wakanda, the never colonized African kingdom and home of Marvel comics superheroes, warrior King T’Challa (Black Panther) and Queen Ororo (Storm). Wakanda is a futuristic fantasyscape rich with advanced African technologies, ancient traditions and magical herbs. Black Panther and Storm fight The Zombies,  international developer robots, plotting to gentrify Wakandan communities and rid the country of its community centers that offer free music and cultural education programs. This year, Wakanda’s super-human royalty have teamed up with The William Grant Still Arts Center. Together they summoned A League Supreme, musician Superheroes who serve mankind using the powers of sound and word. They have vowed to protect Wakanda's cultural legacy from The Zombies greedy agenda.

Please submit a jpeg photo image of your BLACK doll concepts noting if the doll is: a) Wakandan citizen, b) Wakandan magical creature, or c) jazz musician Superhero to: by November 21, 2014.

No restrictions on size or the number of submissions. Original dolls preferred, unless collectible. Artists have the option to sell dolls after exhibit closes. Since this is a curated exhibit, the submission
process does not guarantee participation in the show. Final selection dates of dolls are: November 24-29, 2013.

For further info contact 323-734-1165

The date of the opening exhibit is December 13, 2014.  Doll making workshops will be held throughout the exhibit.

The William Grant Still Arts Center
2520 West View Street
Los Angeles, California 90016



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