Monday, November 24, 2014

Annie Lee, Artist & Humanitarian, Dies

Beckoning in Blue and Ravishing in Red dolls by Annie Lee
Noted artist and humanitarian, Annie Frances Lee, has died. 

Better known for her African American painting and other artwork, Annie Lee, also made dolls.  I purchased my first two Annie Lee dolls in approximately 2008.   Beckoning in Blue and Ravishing in Red are shown above.  The two faceless dolls are featured in my book, Black Dolls a Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion.

Ravishing in Red made a second appearance in a "Lady in Red" feature of the November 2009 issue of Contemporary Doll Collector magazine.

In November 2009, Sultry in Silver and Glamorous in Gold  (shown immediately above) were welcome additions to my Annie Lee doll family.  Their fuller figures and Sultry in Silver's deeper complexion were the two deciding factors that prompted the purchase. 

Lee's 17-1/2 inch, all-vinyl faceless dolls are part of the 10-doll "Sass 'n Class, Girls Night Out" series, which was inspired by her painting, "High Roller."  The 10 dolls are shown above.

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  1. I really enjoy viewing her artwork and her dolls. She inspires me. She will be missed.

    1. She had a huge following of people who admired her and her art. I only own the dolls and a magnet that was a gift from a doll shop owner in Philadelphia after I purchased a doll from her.

      There has been an outpouring of love expressed toward Annie Lee on her Facebook page. Some of her last status updates there were quite profound.


  2. Beautiful dolls and person. She was a great inspiration.

  3. I'm really sorry to hear this. I don't have any of her dolls, but I have a couple of her figurines and art cards. Your dolls are very nice. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. She was truly an inspiration to many doll collector. I love her dolls.

  5. Thanks for posting this and for the links, Debbie.


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