Monday, March 9, 2015

Guest Post: Meet Tatiana Nayara Oliveira

Ms. Ellen Callen, creator of a new line of Dollfriends by Via E, Inc., home of Alexis O'Shay, has stopped by to introduce readers to the second doll, Tatiana.  (Please note, all photos are courtesy of and copyright of Via E, Inc.)

I’d like to introduce Tatiana Nayara Oliveira™, a new Dollfriend® from Via E™.  Tatiana will be about 19” tall, all vinyl and able to play in water.  She is strung with elastic and can bend at the elbows and knees 45 degrees.  Her legs will sit forward vs. out to the side.  Her fingers are individually molded and her big toe is separated from the rest of her foot for flip-flop sandals.  She has a French mani and pedi for a natural look.  Her eyes are sleep eyes and her hair is rooted.  She will fit many of the 18” doll clothing but is more to the slim side.  

Dollfriends, Tatiana and Alexis
Tatiana is the first friend of the main character Alexis who has been selling in the market for just over a year now and has received a lot of support from the families who brought her home.  The heads are able to articulate and if you pull back the lower part of the leg it will snap back to kick soccer or other balls.  She can hold her own purse in her hand and hold trays and small stuffed animals.  Tatiana weighs almost two pounds which makes her very durable and allows her to hold her poses on her own…without a stand…for days on end.  So far Tatiana is receiving good comments from the Alexis community.  

Prototype doll captures several poses without the use of a stand.

My goal was to create a darker skin doll that was worthy of the beauty of girls and women who are blessed with this skin tone.  When I was a young girl I always wondered why dolls did not reflect all the girls and their looks. So now my quest is to create dolls of all skin tones, hair and body types so every girl will find their own beauty represented.  Therefore, Tatiana is a complete new mold.  She is even a little bit taller and a little bit thinner than Alexis.  The next Dollfriend® will be a little bit chunkier than either Tatiana or Alexis.  It is a lot of work, time, money, risk but I think girls deserve the effort.

Above is an image of Tatiana’s mold features illustrating the detail of the hands and feet.  She can leave real footprints in the sand!  The prototype picture shown has black hair with a tight curl.  A second prototype with brown hair and loser curl is to arrive late March/Early April.  We will vote as a community as to what hair Tatiana should have. 

Hair texture/curl pattern

Alexis and Tatiana sell for $115.00 and free shipping.  So that puts them under the total price of American Girl dolls.  Right now they are handmade and I bring in small quantities.  I also have a line of care products that can remove scratches and treat for waterplay.  These Dollfriends have to last a lifetime…and more.

Advanced Purchase Advantages!
Advanced purchases are available now.  For only $68.00 Tatiana, signed and numbered, her introduction Storicolor® book and Karaoke CD will be shipped to those who are willing to wait and help bring her home.  Advanced purchasers even get their name on the outer box to forever record those who helped bring Tatiana home for the very first time.   I see Via E as a family and I personally respond to Facebook posts and phone calls.  It was a request of a few of our family members to create a dark-skinned Dollfriend…Tatiana was supposed to be the third Dollfriend made, but I moved her to number two because that is what the family asked for.  I don’t want to be a faceless company.  I just want to facilitate what moms and girls ask for in a way that is warm and real.   I hope I am doing a good job.  And I hope that you think so too.  Please help me bring Tatiana home by pre-ordering today.

To get your name or child's name on Tatiana's outer box, advanced orders may be placed at the next link:

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  1. This new girl is so beautiful, I just love her happy face! I like how detailed her hands and feet are as well. She is really cute and thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Farrah Lily,

      Tatiana does have a beautiful face. I love that she is posable, able to hold poses, and can wear sandals, and can even kick a ball! Too cool!

      I preordered one for my niece who I am sure will love seeing her name on the doll's outer package as one of the first to (courtesy of me) help bring the first dolls to market.


  2. Very nice! I really like the difference in their eye shapes.

  3. Ellen, I love love the way you are handling the small company. I also see how much love you put into your work and how you always have answered my posts and questions which means you do care about us doll lovers. Alexis is on her way and I just can't wait to see her in person. I also purchased Tatiana cause eventhough I haven't seen Alexis yet, I know I will love her and Tatiana too. I also got a beautiful outfit (mystery in the library) cause it has a lot of mix and match potential.

  4. These dolls are really cute! I tell you, it seems like these big girls are trying to arrive in Dotsville. I love that the can stand on there own and can be posed easily too. I love there cute smiles too.

  5. The prototype looks great! The posing without a stand is a definite plus and something different. I'm with Brini. These big girls are quite tempting.

  6. Tatiana's eyes are beaming! Such cuties! I'm sure she'll get as much support as her friend, Alexis :)

  7. I don't know how I missed this post but I did. Just when I think my heart is content and I can I dont need another doll... Wow, I love her story and she is sooo cute! I need one and I love the price!

  8. Oh yes, they do share something, the Via- E dolls and the WeGirls: their lovely smile and the fact that they are sporty, adventurous and have a story book.
    I know that Tatiana will soon reach the home of those who have ordered her and who live in the US. I love the fact her hair can be entirely braided and that there is even a beading kit available. The finish doll looks adorable in the photos.
    Have fun!

    1. Yes, Arlette, I am awaiting the arrival of my two. One is for my youngest niece. I hope it arrives in time for Christmas.



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