Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dasia and Friends Facebook Group

Big Beautiful Dolls Dasia, Dawn, and Dena - photograph courtesy of Zipsy on Flickr

Passionate about the Big Beautiful Doll (BBD) line, a fellow collector has created a Facebook group devoted to the first 12-inch full-figured fashion dolls created by Audrey Bell and Georgette Taylor.   Even though Dasia, Dawn, and Dena were discontinued several years ago, many collectors continue to enjoy them.

Devoted to the BBD line only, I was added to the Facebook group, Dasia and Friends:  OOAK Big Beautiful Dolls and asked to "tell a friend."  The purpose of this blog post is to announce the group to those who might be interested in joining.  In the group, photo sharing and networking with other BBD collectors regarding clothing and shoe sources as well as discussions about the dolls will take place.  If interested, follow the previous link to browse the group and/or to make a request to join!




  1. I just ordered a Dasia doll last week, so I joined the group. Grandma Roberta needs a few friends in town for all the social events she wants to attend.

    1. Welcome to the group, Vanessa. I look forward to seeing Dasia in your stories. One of the FB members makes wonderful shoes for Dasia.


  2. Thanks for the info, Debbie! I've requested to join the group.

  3. I just might have to join Facebook for this one.

  4. niezły tercet egzotyczny - wspaniałe!


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