Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Unexplained Shoe Deterioration

Angelica by Philip Heath (1999) is seen in this 2003 photo with other dolls in a more calmer and gentler doll room than it is today.  The shoes she wore in this photo were new; they are now in a state of deterioration. 

When purchased some 13 years ago, Angelica by Philip Heath arrived with bare feet.  To match her ivory dress of voile fabric, I purchased nude stockings and a pair of ivory shoes for her huge feet (the child wears a size 7 wide in a girl's shoe).  At 38 inches with articulation throughout, Angelica can sit or stand.  She is usually kept in her very own chair in the seated position.

I have no idea why her shoes deteriorated in the manner illustrated below:

Is she walking around the doll room when no one is looking?

I traced her foot onto a piece of cardboard to make a pattern of her foot before going shoe shopping.   I used the foot pattern to get the correct length and width replacement shoes by inserting it inside the shoe choices at the store.  My plan had been to find another ivory pair of shoes.  In their absence, I opted for black sandals which had been reduced to $3.  Hey, that price was excellent based on full prices of up to $17.99.  (I only paid $9.99 for the now worn pair, but of course that was some 13 years ago.)

Angelica models her new black sandals.  (That girl standing behind her on the right, Cecelie, is wearing one shoe because the sole of the other came unglued. It has long been repaired.  I just have not put it back on her foot. I guess they are all walking around the doll room when no one is looking.)

At the store where the sandals were purchased, size 7's were very limited, but I found a pair of black faux suede shoes in that size.  Later that week at the thrift store, I found a pair of pink real leather shoes by Mini Burbujas for $4.99. 

Whether Angelica is wearing her shoes out by walking around the doll room or not, she's all set in the shoe department for at least another decade or more.