Monday, October 26, 2015

Fashionista #12 is Finally Here, Red Ruffles, Too

I looked high and low, both locally and online for the doll I was formerly referring to as "blue sweater." No one had her -- not Target, not Walmart stores or  their dot coms.

I never made special trips to these places, well maybe to Target, because I have not shopped there as a routine since their security breach a few years ago.

Whenever and wherever I looked, this doll was nowhere to be found.  Frustrating.

Red Ruffles is a caramel complexioned 2015 Barbie Fashionista.

During a trip to one of the two Walmarts that I checked, I saw Red Ruffles up close and personal and, although she and Goddess Emerald share the same head sculpt, her complexion and hair color combinations were inviting enough for me to bring her home.  Unlike Goddess Emerald, this doll has high-heel feet.  I have not deboxed her yet, but will soon and will share better photos than the one above and the next two in-box photos.

Her dress makes it pretty obvious why I refer to her as "Red Ruffles."  Her box refers to her as this as well.  She will be given a real name later.

The number 11 and Red Ruffles appears on the lower right-hand corner of the doll's box.

Red Ruffles' presence preceded "blue sweater's" by almost three weeks until  I casually mentioned my desire for her in a Facebook group.  I received leads from a couple of members.   One led me to Toys R where the doll was priced $12.99 (more of course than I desired to pay compared to Walmart's price of $7.94) but my patience to find her was wearing thin.  Shipping was free since I purchased something else costing $7.99 as a qualifier for free shipping for orders of $19 or more.

She is here and is as lovely as I expected.  Because of her Tyra Banks resemblance, I have named her Tyra (even though her box refers to her as, 12 Pants So Pink).

Tyra also has not been deboxed, but I did take the following additional photos.

Like Goddess Emerald, Tyra's feet are flat.
Tyra will make a return appearance along with Red Ruffles once they both have been freed.