Monday, October 5, 2015

Maru's Friend Tanya, Her New Friend, and Raven

First-issue Tanya of the Maru and Friends doll line in one of her first photos taken in 2008

Meet (first-issue) Tanya of the Maru and Friends doll line introduced in 2008. Below, Tanya shares her entry in my book, The Doll Blogs When Dolls Speak I Listen, which provides her details without "me" having to rewrite them.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My name is Tanya.  I am one of the three dolls in the Maru and Friends doll series.  I stand 21 inches (53.34cm).  My curly hair is auburn and my eyes are hazel.  I wear a two-piece turquoise knit top, matching pants, and black boots.  I was sculpted by Dianna Effner for Maritza Gutierrez, who created me.  Gutierrez also wrote my hardcover book, Forever Friends.  In the book, I am an Army brat, who moves to different locations each time my dad changes command.  I become friends with Maru and Jamie after my family relocates once again.  In “reality,” I was a Christmas present this year for Debbie from her daughter, Angela.  Debbie thinks I’m cute.  She’s not too crazy about my outfit, though.



The Maru and Friends website describes her height as 20 inches, but Tanya is correct about my dislike for her original outfit.  After discovering her ability to wear clothing made for the Karito Kids dolls and clothing made for some 18-inch dolls, Tanya has undergone a few redresses here.

Tanya wore the Karito Kids "Holiday Dazzle" fashion and became part of my 2008 Christmas decor.

She was later redressed in a dress made for 18-inch dolls, worn with the ivory tights and brown patent-leather shoes from the "Holiday Dazzle" fashion.
Tanya remained dressed in the above fall fashion for several seasons until recently when I saw a photo of a child holding a doll like her.

Internet-captured photo of child holding Maru and Friends Tanya
This photo prompted me to give my doll some attention and reminded me of two, still boxed, Karito Kids fashions that had been purchased for her years ago.

These two very springtime fashions, Pretty Paisley and Flower Power, made for the Karito Kids dolls, were purchased sometime ago for Maru and Friends Tanya to wear.
Time eventually availed itself for doll play, which included redressing Tanya.  I chose to dress her in the Flower Power Karito Kids fashion.

Tanya takes an outside photo dressed in Karito Kids "Flower Power" fashion.

She is joined by her new friend, my version of Madame Alexander's "Thank You."
The two remain displayed together in the doll room.


Stock photo collage of Maru and Friends, Raven, 2nd issue

In a recent comment to another post, Arlette of Thammie the DollMaker, mentioned her purchase of Maru and Friends Raven, shown above.  This is the second-edition Raven.  The first-issue doll wore a different fashion and was not introduced with the three original dolls:  Maru, Jamie, and Tanya. Had Raven been available in the core collection, she would have been my choice as the one Maru and Friends doll to own. Tanya has also been reintroduced with a new hairstyle, which I am not at all wild about.  I do, however, like what I see in the new Raven.

Who knows, even though I now try to shy away from dolls her size, Raven might somehow find her way here.   Hmmm... I'm thinking Christmas and I'm thinking I know the answer to my daughter's usual question, "What do you want for Christmas?"

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