Saturday, September 24, 2016

American Girl Melody Videos

American Girl Melody Ellison

I enjoyed viewing the following Melody Ellison videos and thought you would too.

The first video addresses the '60s clothing, accessories, and electronics chosen for Melody:

  Melody's Hair:

Melody's Super Cool Sound Studio:

Melody's Launch Event in Detroit, Michigan, August 25, 2016:


This has been an eventful month for me with little focus on doll acquisition.  Melody was supposed to be my first September doll purchase.  To date I have purchased two dolls in September; neither of the two are Melody.  Her purchase has been pushed back to October when I hope things will be far more settled than they have been.

Sometimes you have to press pause and be present in your life or in the life of another who needs you.

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  1. Oh how I understand. If I have to settle for the MINI version, I will be happy with that. My dentist already has me booked for October and December! This little pause just adds to my list but changes the order of purchases. Another way of me working it out, lol.

    1. Another reason I have delayed Melody's purchase is because I know she will probably remain in her shipping carton in her box inside a closet until I can find a place for her and that's not ideally where I'd like her to be.



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