Thursday, September 8, 2016

*Sale* The A Girls Black Dolls

The A Girls Dolls

The A Girls Black Dolls updated their Facebook status on 09/05/2016 with the following post:
Get the three sisters for $100 including shipping-anywhere in the world. Hurry while the special lasts! Prices are variably lower for SADC, Rest of Africa and Europe.
This is a great buy (in my opinion) for those who enjoy this size doll (18-inches, American-Girl size). Shipping alone from Africa to the US would be almost as much as the individual price of one (1) doll.

If interested in taking advantage of this sale, which runs one week from the day of their post, please contact The A Girls Black Dolls through the contact button on Facebook.

To refresh your memory and/or for new readers, The A Girls were featured in a blog post here in March 2015.  More about the dolls can be read in that post.

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  1. Replies
    1. I agree. The sale ends Monday, the 12th of September.


  2. Great price! They are really nice dolls. If I were collecting 18", I would definitely add them to the collection.

  3. I agree. This is a great opportunity for those who collect 18-inch dolls.



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