Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We're Pregnant and It's Okay!

Until earlier today, this couple had been expecting their bouncing baby since the father's box date of 1992.  Father-To-Be and Mommy-To-Be dolls were manufactured by Judith Corporation.  They are 12 and 11-1/2 inches tall, respectively. 

Here's a close-up.   Doesn't Dad look just too excited? 

Mommy-To-Be "carried" the baby in her abdominal cavity.  Its gender was unknown prior to purchase. 

A look inside

The bouncing baby boy

The proud couple gave birth to a bouncing baby boy earlier today after I deboxed them and removed the tummy plate from Mommy for the first time in 19 years.

Mommy-To-Be in the postnatal state

Originally sold through FAO Schwarz, interestingly, for ages 3 and up, I purchased this pair from a fellow collector. 

The side panel of Mommy-To-Be's box lists the following, separately sold items:
  • Accessory set with before and after pregnancy clothing
  • Her Husband [as shown above], the Father-to-Be Doll
  • 8 different maternity outfits
  • 2 different sets of accessories for the baby, such as a baby carrier, a walker, and also a baby carriage
These dolls were on the market several years prior to Mattel's controversial Happy Family (2002), which included the pregnant (yet) married-to-Alan, MidgeMidge's marital status did not prevent the backlash Mattel received from angry parents who felt the dolls' "having a baby" theme was in poor taste and a bad influence on children.   I do not recall any controversy surrounding the Father- and Mommy-To-Be-Dolls, do you?

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  1. love your blog….keep going guys

  2. The Father looks like Urkel; the Mother looks sleepy.

    The way the baby is curled up ... amuses me for some reason. And the baby is sexed! Oh so cute!

    I have NEVER heard of these dolls, but I did not think of FAO Schwarz as having playscale figures before the Tango Barbie set.

    What an exciting find, DBG! Congratulations and thanks for sharing them ;-D

  3. That's who he looks like. All Father needs are a pair of glasses to complete his Urkel look.

    Mother is probably tired from the extended pregnancy.

    I'm glad you enjoyed learning about these, Dana. Who knew there were older playscale dolls new to you?


  4. Sad about the 'controversy'. I remember there were pregnant fashion dolls when I was a preteen, although I don't remember what they were called. There was a mom and toddler daughter set with a hidden baby inside the mom, and there was also a dad and toddler son set. I can't remember if there were Black or other non-white dolls in this series. But I don't remember anyone making a fuss or pulling them off shelves! This would have been in the late '80s or early '90s.

  5. Hmmm... I don't readly recall the dolls you mentioned in your comment antikythera. They sound quite similar to the Happy Family set of 2002 by Mattel. I'll have to do some research.



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