Monday, January 9, 2017

Tamica's Post-Christmas Restyling

Tamica in her Christmas party dress

I redressed a select few dolls in Christmas attire last month.  After the holiday, all, except one large doll and her companion, have been dressed in their original clothes or other non-holiday fashions.  The Christmas-dressed dolls included Tamica (a repainted Fashionista Barbie by Shasha).

Before sharing what Tamica wears now, the other dolls that were part of my Christmas decor, which have now been redressed in their original or other outfits, are shown below:

My circa 1930s composition Shirley Temple-type doll is always one of the first dolls to be redressed for Christmas.  She usually wears this tartan plaid infant's size 18 months dress with red velvet Mary Jane-style infant shoes, size zero.  The Christmas dress is large enough to fit on top of the lavender Dotted Swiss dress she normally wears (as shown on the right), so I never remove it.  Instead of the white shoes she wears in the photo above, she now wears a pair of white leather Mary Jane shoes that were my sister's when she was a baby.

For the Christmas festivities, the lovely Chandra wore the 1998 Christmas Candy fashion by Mikelman.  She now enjoys the comfort of a Sparkle Girlz fashion, accessorized with Barbie necklace and boots.  A pair of adult-size hoops completes her look.

Cecelie wore an infant's size 12 months flannel Christmas pants suit and held Little One (a Doll by Pauline).  Little One had been dressed in a Santa suit. Because she did not want to change her shoes, Cecelie now wears a red dress with yellow organza sash.  The red dress was made by doll-friend, Bettie A.
Little One retired the Santa suit and returned to her pink and white seersucker dress and white pantaloons.

The two Georgias briefly wore a "sweater dress" (formerly wine bottle covers that I found at Walgreens on Christmas Eve).  Instead of returning to their original clothes (which had been my plan for them), the twins insisted on wearing their Valentine's Day dresses.  To avoid any drama, I obliged.  
After completing so many redresses and putting the Christmas clothes away, I was not in a frame of mind to rebody Tamica, which had been my after-Christmas plan for her.  I opted to only redress her in non-Christmas attire.  What would she wear, was the question.  Should she wear the Tamica dress or something else?

Tamica tried on a tunic that Shasha made for Janay a couple of years ago, temporarily pairing it with Chandra's red boots. We wanted to know how the tunic would work as a dress on her.  It works well!

A little hair play followed.  Several strands from both sides of her well-rooted hair were pulled back to form a ponytail as shown here and in the next photo.

This style keeps the hair away from her face, but she likes wearing it loose, too.

Next, I gave her a faux fishtail, which she fell in love with and decided to keep for a while.

Her decision was final.  She would wear the Tamica dress, but we needed to find different shoes than those she wore with it originally.  She borrowed these black open-toe booties from Emoji Fun Barbie.

Very, very temporarily, to add a pop of color, Tamica tried on Poplife Christie's yellow, white, and black dangle earrings; her white dome ring, and Christie's over-the-knee white boots.

Poplife to Tamica:  Girl, I hope you don't e-ven try to get attached to my things.
Tamica to Poplife Christie:  Oh no, Christie.  We're just trying to see what works with my black dress.

Tamica was more than happy to return Poplife Christie's things to her after eyeing this faux snakeskin shoulder bag that was formerly Top Model Nikki's.  Nikki had not been using the shoulder bag and did not mind sharing it with Tamica.  The strappy gold wedges were borrowed from another doll.

After rummaging through a Barbie trunk, we found these gold shoes with black design on the sides and thought these would work better with the Tamica dress and the shoulder bag.

Tamica's final look for now is shown here.  Her rebodying will take place at a more opportune time.

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  1. Cecelie was so cute in her Christmas outfit. Chandra looks like I feel after getting out of dressy clothes and into comfy clothes. Love Tamica's fishtail hairdo. Look like she could be heading out on a date.

    1. Cecelie is one of my favorite dolls and one that I don't mind redressing because (even though she is tall) she is not a heavy doll and won't cause my back to hurt from lifting her. Unlike Tamica, Chandra is not one for all the fancy dressing. She is more comfortable in casual wear. Tamica likes being all "dolled" up. She definitely didn't get that from me. :-)


  2. Tamica's final look is on point! You did a great job with your dolls.

  3. All are lovely!! Chandra looks gorgeous in that blue dress! Love it! Amazing that you made the twins dresses from wine bottle covers. Super creative and cute!! Pop life is serious about her items! Lol! Tamica did the right thing by giving them back. I love her hair!

    1. Those wine bottles come in handy for doll's the size of Georgia, G.G. There are some that will fit 16-inch dolls like Tonner's Lizette and even Russell Williams. I purchased a few last year from Burlington's Coat Factory that fit 16-inch dolls. Of course Russell wears his as a sweater.

      PL Christie had a serious attitude that day, more serious than usual. Tamica didn't want to unnerve her anymore than she already had by merely trying on her things. :-)

      Shasha did a great job with Tamica's hair. I love it, too.


  4. Thanks for sharing your redressing fun. I'd say the twins and Tamica are dressed for St.Valentine's . I have to side with Pop Life on this: over the knee boots are worth fighting to keep to yourself.:-)
    All your dolls look so good, both in and out of Holiday clothes.

    1. Thanks, Maricha,

      Tamica's Christmas dress could have been extended to Valentine's Day, but she insisted on wearing something else. :-)

      You can't really blame PL Christie. Those thigh-high boots complete her retro look.



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