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Ucanaan 1/6 BJD

The front of the Ucanaan BJD box has a full-length image of a blue-wigged 1/6 BJD and the URL to their website.

A couple of members of my doll group shared pictures of their 1/6 (12-inch) Ucanaan dolls, which piqued my interest in purchasing. I don't usually like dolls with anime facial features, but I decided to order one of these after I viewed their photos and had questions I posed answered to my satisfaction. I am more pleased with the doll  than I had imagined.

Inside the box, the doll, accessories, and a pair of yellow sneakers (a gift from the seller) were wrapped securely in plastic.

The Ucanaan 1/6 scale BJD is made of sturdy vinyl with unstrung ball joints that will not become "kicky" like other BJDs I have encountered. BJDs with multiple points of articulation can be posed several ways, but when they are strung, after a while, the stringing becomes tangled inside the dolls' bodies and the joints tend to move in undesired directions.

That won't happen with this girl whose unstring joints are in the five usual areas (the head, upper arms, and upper legs) and under the breasts, at the waist, at the elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

My doll was ordered from Amazon where a few different styles were available. I chose the doll dressed in a white T-shirt, blue jacket, and lavender crinoline skirt that has a gray fabric lining. Inside the box with the doll was also a Ucanaan booklet that features other 1/6 BJDs. The booklet text is written in Chinese.

Accessories include a comb, mirror, scepter, crown barrette, two elasticized ponytail holders, and several pastel-colored plastic hair bands.

Facial close-up

She has big brown eyes with applied upper eyelashes. Her light brown wig is straight with slightly flipped ends. The gray fabric headband has a gray fabric bunny on the side.

She took a few photos in different poses while wearing her original clothes.

Her clothes are stylish and made well.

The white T-shirt has an applique that reads "Doris" on the front. Initially, I thought "Doris" was her name, but the box identifies her as Xinyi (pronounced si-ne). Interestingly, DORIS DOLL is on the back of her head. So, I don't know what her name really is. Xinyi and Doris are probably both brand names.

The back of the wig is illustrated here.

What's Underneath

Except for the blotted-out breast area where the articulation is underneath the breasts, all points of articulation are illustrated here.

Two strips of Velcro hold her wig in place. One strip is on the top of the head.

The other Velcro strip is on the lower back of the head. The eyes cannot be changed because the head does not open.


I found a few clothing items and shoes designed for 10- to 12-inch dolls as well wigs in size 6/7. I had fun redressing this girl as illustrated next.

This dress was made to fit Ann Estelle and her doll friend, Georgia. It fits perfectly and her free yellow sneakers match!

The above dress came with a raincoat, matching rain hat, and rain boots.

She likes this cute fashion.

In this picture and in the two immediately above, three ponytails were created with multiple clear rubber bands added to each ponytail. (She has two ponytails on the side and one in the back.)

This Boneka dress made for Donna Effner's 10-inch Monday's Child Daria is paired with white Mary Janes and her original white ankle socks.

The dress is cute, but it's a little too short.

Last one for now

She tried on one more dress with a couple of different shoes, and she changed her wig twice as illustrated next.

I believe this dress was made for Friends 2B Made dolls or it could be a Groovy Girls doll dress. The wig is the poor quality Afro wig that came with Tonner's All-Natural Lizette shown on the right in this photo. The black shoes she's wearing are too big for her, but she tried them on anyway.

This black mohair wig is a better fit and a better look for her. The black Converse-style sneakers complement the poodle dress.

Here is a close-up of the better wig that she borrowed from my American BJD by Paulette Goodreau. The Goodreau BJD now wears the straight wig that came with All-Natural Lizette seen on the left in this picture

Here is her final photo for now.

I ordered two more fashions for this girl and some extra pairs of shoes. She'll be back in a while after the new fashions and shoes arrive. 

In case your interest is also piqued, here is a link to the Amazon 1/6 Ucanaan BJD doll page.


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