Monday, September 18, 2017

Book-Featured Bratz Dolls on eBay

After receiving several email inquiries regarding regarding the possibility of my selling the Bratz dolls featured in my third book, The Doll Blogs When Dolls Speak I Listen, and with years' long plans to sell the entire lot, I decided to photograph the dolls and list them on eBay.

If you're interested in never-removed-from-box Bratz dolls that were on the market in 2008 and 2009, please check out my current eBay listings.

Stock photos of six of the eight dolls listed are shown below:

Wintertime Sasha

Nighty-Nite Sasha

Campfire Felicia

Fashion and Fragrance Designed by Sasha
Tokyo a Go-Go Dylan

Bratz Boyz Kids Dyla

These dolls were on the market during the time Mattel and MGA Entertainment were involved in a back-and-forth lawsuit with Mattel alleging Bratz designer worked for Mattel at the time the dolls were designed.  It was a several-year mess with MGA temporarily having to halt sales of the dolls.

The Bratz Wikipedia entry touches on the battle between the two toy makers.

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  1. The rarest of them all, Camp Felicia, has sold! As of this time, all others are still available.


  2. Sweet Heart Sasha (not shown in the stock photos) was also one of the eight dolls listed. She will now live in the UK. Thank you, YMD, for purchasing!



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